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Week 5 run 3 - onwards and upwards from here?


First of all I contemplated repeating r2 as I didn't quite manage the 1st 8 mins so I surely didn't expect I could do the 20 min run. However I thought about it and decided to change my route slightly as the 1st part is uphill (not steep but hard enough for me!) And you know what I did the full 20 mins and thought maybe I could have done more! I'm going at a very slow jog and it was on flat but for someone that didn't do any exercise at all until 4 months a go I'm absolutely amazed by what I've achieved. Now that the 1st run without break has been completed I feel like I really can achieve this! Can anyone let me know how they've found wk6? It feels strange to go back to the walking breaks after doing 20 mins today!!

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Just take it as it comes... each run teaches us something new... take it slow and steady. This is where the new legs begin to find their happy pace:)


Well done.

All the runs are progressive.........even the ones that don't necessarily look like they are, so just take W6R1 nice and steady, don't get overconfident.

You are doing great.


I’m about to complete week 6 tomorrow and it’s been the toughest week for me. I think I was so chuffed after week 5 and thought it didn’t seem that bad even though others had warned me! But at the same time I did it!

Just take it as it comes, don’t thin too much about it. You did 20 minutes, this is just a bit different. Each week prepares you for he next.......lastly, go slow!!!!


Well done. Ive done W6R1+2 both were ok. People say W6R1 can mess with your head after the euphoric feeling of running non stop for 20 mins. I personally found them both ok. Just continue to keep a steady/easy pace, follow the plan and believe in your ability. I have the 25 min run on Friday, worrying a bit, but also determined not to fail now. Good luck, we can do this....


Congratulations on completing your run. I did w6r1 on Tuesday & found it hard. I had really enjoyed weeks 4 & 5 & had completed them surprisingly easily-even the milestone w5r3, going at a nice slow steady pace!!!!!!!! I had read about w6r1 being tough for some, so intended to run it armed with a positive attitude & with the same slow, steady pace that has served me well so far. The first 5 mins were really tough, the 8 mins were fine & I was tired & sore after the last 5 mins-I completed it but was surprised how tough it was. I'm doing run 2 today & will go armed with the same positive attitude. I suppose some runs will be tougher than others but that makes the victory of completing them all the more sweet!!!!!! Good luck with week 6


Well done on sticking with it - takes grit when it gets hard. Personally I found W6 1 and 2 a relief after W5R3! - I really struggled with the solid 20 mins at that point, and didn’t have any problems in week 6. I think, having (just!) finished the programme, my main bit of advice is just to trust the system: it will get you there, but expect some highs and lows along the way! Good luck next week, you’ll be fine 👍😎

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