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Oh dear


Just started, have completed week 1, I'm not feeling very confident that I will keep it up :/ I don't like running lol ... which might be a bit of a problem. I'm 60 though, and really feel I need to do it! So am going to keep trying!

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I don’t think anybody loves running within a week... anybody who does is rare. Well done on week one... keep going, you’ll start to love it soon, or at least love the sense of achievement when you get to the end of each run.

Thanks :)


Hi yes keep going! I'm not that far behind you in years and never classed myself as a runner either but wanted to do this to prove to myself I could and for my health. I thought at week 3 I'd found my level and couldn't see past it. I'm now about to start week 7. You can do it! Take your time even if you have to repeat runs to get them done you'll be surprised what you can do. All the best

Thank you :) And, wow, well done to you, week 7! Awesome!

Hi I'm 59, just done the first one, I think I will repeat it as I cheated a bit! I didn't find it much fun either, but I'm gonna give it a bit longer and see if it gets easier. Hope you keep going. It has so many benefits!

Good luck with the re run! I find I'm marginally happier when I'm counting down the last 15 minutes than when I first start out. As soon as I reach the halfway mark it seems more doable somehow. I think every effort at having a go is an achievement regardless of whether the run was done absolutely 'right' or not :)


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey........... you will soon be addicted.

Thank you. Haha yes, i'm still waiting for the addiction to kick in :)


I didn’t like it. I’m addicted now and have booked on my first half marathon 😂

HALF MARATHON!!!! Wow! Amazing. I hope it goes well, I can't even begin to imagine running that far. I'm still hoping I achieve the 90 instead of 60 seconds lol :)

Tasha99Graduate in reply to LilybelleBunny

That was me in February 👌🏽

Hi, well done for starting 🎉

Please don't be discouraged, running is a strange beast!

Its soo hard getting out there but when we finish,and the feeling takes over, it's so worth all the effort 👍

I can only advise to take it slow! I.e. If you think you are slow try going slower! If dog walkers whizz past you, so what? Little steps, under your body, keep your arms loose, neck and head relaxed too 👍 Enjoy it!

Age should not be an issue, this program has been followed by many age groups successfully . Good luck 🍀

Thanks :)

Don't be worried. I'm with you on all your thoughts.

Today I ran my 1st run of week 2 and was absolutely knackered. Thank god for the rest day.

I am no runner, but I am doing this for me and me alone. I want to achieve 5k under my own steam and watch myself progress along the way.

I know it's going to be tough, but I'm keeping going (and may be repeating weeks along the way)!

Well done making a start! 😊🏃‍♀️And writing of your determination to keep going! All the very best with week 2. You'll find lots of 60+ folk on this forum. apparently someone in their 80s completed the C25k plan not long ago!


Hi there! I've just started and yesterday completed the second run of week 2. I'm 66 and like you felt running would be good for me. By way of encouragement I have to say that yesterday felt easier than Sunday's run. It gave me a glimpse of what people on the forum have been saying about trusting the training programme. Best of luck!

I’m week 7 I still don’t enjoy it😬

But stick to it 👍🏼

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