Oh dear!

Just been to see the physio about my knee. The good news is that I haven't seriously damaged it. The bad news is that she says I'm not built for distance running and would be far more suited to sprinting. I have very little mobility in my ankles, I'm hypermobile, I have leg-length imbalance, tight calves and my left hip rolls in. She's put some temporary orthotics in my running shoes and given me some heel raises for my right shoes. But even if I may never run a marathon, I am determined to run a 5K!


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8 Replies

  • Yesss! You are one very determined person! I admire your spirit and wish you well on C25K. Keep posting! :)

  • Thanks. :-)

  • Oooh get you and your determination! You'll do well at this 5k sprinting malarkey ;)

    Good luck :)

  • Now there's an idea - sprinting the 5k. Probably need to work a little more on my fitness...

  • Don't think Usain Bolt is built for long distance running! 5K is a fair trot and there is no reason to run for longer distances. Love your focus.

  • I'm certainly no Usain Bolt! At the moment 5K seems like quite a long distance...

  • Glad you have had good news about your knees. I was due to do run 3 of week 2 today but my knees are still painful so I think I may wait an extra day or two before I start it and I think I will have an extra run or two at week 2 pace before I move on. Going to get my running shoes checked out this morning and make sure I am in the right sort for my feet. I had congenital talapis, club foot, in both feet when I was born. So always had problems in the leg department!! I just need to prove to myself that I can do it as I have always used my feet as a good excuse why I can't.

  • Don't give up. Hypermobility means too much movement in ankles - I have it too. Good orthotics and running on stable ground makes it easier as I seem to trip over more than most folk. For tight calves do that stretch where you stand on a step and let your heels drop off the back. You can keep legs straight or slightly bend at knee which makes you feel it lower down the muscle. I am not a natural runner either but am on week 7.......although keep repeating it!

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