Oh dearšŸ˜¢

I am hoping there is room on the injury couch as I sob sob have an injury.I don't think it's major but it doesn't feel right so decided not to go out today.What is it you maybe asking yourself?Well in my best les Dawson impersonation of him impersonating a housewife I will mouth the word groin whilst hitching up a left ( or right, if not both) boob...oops should have also mouthed boob..Not sure how I did it ( injury not impersonation) think it was getting out of the car...

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  • Oops just read the tags...

  • LOL.

    A bag of frozen peas on the ahem.......... affected area for 10 minutes 2 or 3 times and I am sure you will be back up and running in no time.

  • Ha ha. Brilliant tags! A good groin stretch is sitting on the floor with your feet sole to sole and gently pushing your knees to the floor. Then ice. You're doing the right thing in resting for a day of two before trying again.

  • Aww pot, sorry to hear that. You can have my place as I finally managed to shuffle off the injury couch yesterday and do a slow 4k without any ill effects.!

    Hope it won't be long before you are right again.

  • Fab stuff Ully. So pleased you're leaving the IC behind. One off the couch and another one on. Such is life!

  • Thanks AM - it's lovely to be getting out again. I hope it isn't going to be too much longer for you to get mobile. X

  • Well that's very kind of you ullyrunner I hope the cushions have been plumped in true DFS style lol!

  • Oh bad news Pot. Never mind, sit yourself down m'dear and take the weight off your... bits! I'm sure you'll be fighting fit in no time. :)

  • Oh no! Hope you recover soon!

  • Oh they are the worst kind and the easiest to do. I've had many in my time. Shifting over for you on the couch

  • I hope there's roomšŸ˜Š

  • That's injuries not groin ones, I'm female, but I leant over in the car the other week and managed to twist all the muscles inside my rib cage. Hope you recover soon.

  • Ouch that sounds painful...

  • It was, my physio said it was not easy to do. All I did was reach over to pick up my phone that had slipped on the floor. At the ment im recovering from a fall last Thursday while out running. At least it's a sports injury. Leg really painful. Going to be here some time. Plenty of room though

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