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Oh dear!

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Wk 5 run 1 done on Monday set out to do run 2 and when I heard Sarah Millagan day “ you’ll be running for 2 lots of 8 mins today” I pressed cancel run!! The mere thought of running for 8 mins threw me into mild panic! So I repeated run 1 because I’m really struggling with the 3x 5 min runs as it is! Yes I’ve now done them twice and I didn’t stop but I’m begging for the 5 mins to be over grown about 3 mins in so there’s no way I could do 8!!!

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Three times five minutes is fifteen minutes.

Two times eight minutes is sixteen.

You are being asked to run for one more minute.

Your overall moving time is exactly the same on the two runs.

You have been prepared physically but your brain is stopping you.

Well done on the run and your amazing progress to date.

Believe in the plan and more importantly in yourself.

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Your brain is messing with you... take it slowly, count, breathe, relax and find a mantra that goes something like,' I believe in the programme, I can do this,'... or words to that effect!!

Week 5 looks scary on paper but you can do it! I was dreading w5run3 but found it at lot easier than I expected. I think it's mind over matter a lot of the time!

I repeated w4 r1 as I really struggled - has done me no harm

You went out and ran, that's the important bit! Keep it up xx

So why not give it a go? If you only manage 6 minutes its is 1 more minute than you are doing now.

Slow it right down. And then, slow it a bit more.

The best thing is that pyschologically you are only having to run twice!

Give it a go.

True! Not sure I can slow it down even more though I barely do more than a shuffle as it is!! 🙁

Go on be brave what is the absolute worst thing that could happen? You will probably do more than 5 and even if it's less than 8 it's more than 5. But honestly try running the run in your head first, visualise 8 minutes and it will help keep you focussed. If your head thinks you can do it, your legs will give it a go..

It has to work because the programme isn't called C25m couch to 5 minutes....

Best of luck and happy running for your 8 minutes achievement.

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Do you know what? You can do it, you just have to be brave and give it a go. What's the worst thing that can happen?

I know deep down you’re right it’s just psychologically I feel like I can’t do it I need to get my mind set on I can do it!!

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Unfitat

I wrote this a while back healthunlocked.com/couchto5... It may help.

Why not give it a try? You might surprise yourself!

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