Oh dear!

Well I had a bit of an ache in the back of my heel on Monday, but put a bit of Ibulieve on it, it wasn't much of a problem I thought. Today I woke up with my left knee hurting around the RHS and at the back, coming and going. It "cracks" when I kneel down. I was going to run with my daughter tomorrow but if it's like this I think I must stop and see how it goes. Just when I was really enjoying it and looking forward to the next weeks challenge. It just shows you can make plans in your head but your body can have other ideas.. Or am I just being a woose? Should I try and run through it.. I'll try ice packs tonight and see if they help.


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8 Replies

  • Last week I had similar, I'd run too far, too fast, too soon, what am I like?!?

    I used the RICE everyone on this forum advises, and after a week off running, today I'm back yippee!

    I am also now doing daily knee strengthening exercises that are really helping.

    I shall grow distance and speed more slowly in future.

    I ALWAYS stretch after every run including heel lifts.

    Good luck!

  • No you are not being a woose - If you were a woose, you wouldn't be doing this programme to start with. If it hurts, don't run on it. Simples. Now I can hear the wheels going around in your mind: yes, you can do lots of things to try to make sure that it doesn't hurt tomorrow. But if it does, you can reschedule it - it's frustrating but it's better to wait a day or two than to give in to temptation and put yourself back for substantially longer.

  • Thanks. I'll see what it's like tomorrow. If I'm still in pain I won't run. But I'll try some ice packs tonight and see what happens.

  • Don't run on it.. now woosey at all.. just sensible...just wait and see after you have done all you should :)

  • I've got a friend who works in a local hospital and is also a runner. He said I could try running on it if it's easier in the morning, but to stop immediately if it gets worse as I run.

  • I think that you’re right to be cautious. However, the discomfort felt could purely be due to tightness of the iliotibial band (ITB), which sits to the right hand side of the knee cap, helping to keep it stable when running.

    As such, research ITB stretches, in addition to exercises that help to strengthen muscles in the hip and glute regions. I could attempt to explain how to perform them, but I think you’d gain more from watching video demonstrations of clamshells, side leg raises and hip thrusts on YouTube, for example.

    It may not be your ITB that’s troubling you, but by strengthening your hips and glutes, you’ll go a long way to ensuring that it never does.

  • Ice is excellent for inflammation, and it's usually that which causes pain. We are not doctors obviously so can only give general advice. I think we all get niggles when we are new to running but they can often be run off. You will have to see how it goes.

  • Well I did use ice and Ibulieve, and by the morning it felt a lot better, so I ran in the morning with my daughter and no problems at all, but my knee did start to hurt again in the afternoon and so more ice was needed before bed. Friday am it was all but gone, but came back again in the afternoon so again ice.. This morning I should be running my 3rd run of week 3, but knee still twinging so I might take an extra rest day today and run tomorrow instead. I remember I had a similar problem with my left knee maybe 15-20 years ago, due to a stiff clutch pedal on the car I was driving! I used a knee bandage for a couple of weeks and it eventually went. I just wish I'd known about ice!

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