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Was out at 6am on a cold frosty morning for my W6 R2. Was feeling pretty confident as I've trusted the programme and have managed to complete all runs first time. I also felt this would be 'easy' after the 20 minute run of W5 R3, due to having a break in between. However, I struggled today and didn't enjoy the run at all. I struggled to breathe through my nose at the start of the run due to the cold air and was quite breathless after 5 minutes.

Anyway, I stuck with it and did complete the run, but it wasn't enjoyable. Not sure if I just had an 'off day' or if it was weather related. Could anyone give me some advice about running in colder weather please?

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Good run... last interval of the plan.

It may have been an off day for me but it was bracing. I do believe that cold weather takes conditioning... we’ve had a hot summer and autumn started with lots of insulating cloud cover and rain that we found quite refreshing. Suddenly we have clear sky overnight and temperatures plummet... it’s a shock to the system just stepping out in it... yet in early spring the same will feel reasonably warm.

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I’ve never been able to breathe through my nose 🙂

Week six is the mother of all weeks so it’s no surprise you found it tricky

There are lots of posts on here about winter run gear so do have a browse. No need to spend much 🙂

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Get a runners bandana/tube thing and wear it just covering your mouth/nose. As you breathe in the cold air it will warm up then when you have adjusted you can pull it down or wear it as a hat/ear warmer. I have a few friends that struggle with running in the cold and they do this. Hope that helps. BUFF is a good company brand but also ebay for cheaper ones.

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RC13Graduate in reply to SOULY47

Thanks for the good advice. Will take a look around!

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I had the same sort of disappointment as you yesterday with that run!

But it’s done and you did it! We can only look forward to the next one! I’m actually not feeling that bad about it anymore so maybe I just needed to offload about it-maybe you will shake it off tomorrow too?!

We only have a few weeks left can you believe it!!! There are some great things to achieve and look forward too now! Onwards and upwards!!!!

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RC13Graduate in reply to Marcia-H

Sorry to hear you had a similar experience. As you say, it's done now so focus on the next one. I'm quite looking forward to running continually instead of the intervals. Good luck with the next few weeks!!

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Marcia-HGraduate in reply to RC13

Yes!!! I could have wrote just that-I am also looking forward to no intervals-hopefully it’s the way forward!

Look forward to hearing your next post, good luck!

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