Couch to 5K

anyone find w6 r2 hard?

maybe because it was so warm last night but i really struggled to finish the last 10 min run. I came home and after having a drink i laid down on the floor to recover! it was the first time ive nearly stopped running early- after laura said 5 min done my heart dropped. i didnt stop though and kept going but now im worried about doing the dreaded 25 min tomorrow, please someone tell me it will be ok ?

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It will be OK! Repeat after me 'I can do it!' Now that you are the stage of doing longer runs it quiet often is more a mental challenge...your body is ready for it!

If it's warm tomorrow where you are may be go out a little later once it's had a chance to start cooling down, it might help. Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


This was the first one to almost beat me. Facing run 3 tomorrow. We can do it, let's keep saying it! Good luck.


The two runs in wk 6 will have prepared you for r3 so yes, you can do it! You may have to slow down for the last few minutes of the run, (I did) but you won't need to stop or give up. You are just going to think of it as another pair of 8 minute runs with a (slower) 5 minutes inbetween and let us know when you've done it :)


cheers - well i did r3 and it wasnt as bad. i went this morning - usually have to go on evenings after kids in bed but hubby was around this morning so off I went at 9am. usually I go 8pm-8.30 as I did on Thurs but I think i prefer mornings

first 5 min dragged but after that went well and I was able to keep steady pace. however how annoying this, laura had come on and said thats 20 min done, I would say 3-4 min after that someone asked me for directions! I was tired but I know I would have carried on. anyway I stopped to give them directions and thought i had paused the podcast. anyway after i had finished with them Laura was just saying slow down to walking, well I was gutted! i ran for another 60 sec so overall i did the 25 min but i feel like a failure as it wasnt the full stretch.

has anyone else been aksed for directions? aybe i should have ignored them but i wouldstill probably be feeling guilty about it now if I had

good luck snowchaser -its nice to hear from someone at same stage as me :)


forgot to say happierswimming, thats a nice way of thinking about it, i will remember that if i struggle Mon eve


What bad luck about being stopped! But well done on your run. Mine also went not quite to plan. Set off in drizzle but soon found I was running in a monsoon! I use my mobile to time runs & it got drenched & stopped. Think I probably ran 20 minutes only & may repeat run 3 before starting week 7, or maybe not. Must now investigate waterproof phone covers! Good luck with week 7.


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