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W6 R2 - Disaster Strikes!!

Well I knew something was going to happen sooner or later, it's been going too well!! Started out fine and did the first 10 minute interval with no problems. Started to feel a little funny on the 3 minute walk and when I started to run again, this pain arrived in my abdomen, like a semi-circle under my ribs pushing upwards. Never felt anything like that from running so tried to ignore it but by the time I was 3 minutes in I started to feel unwell and before you know it I'm doing a rather disgusting combination of running and retching which brought me to a complete standstill. Walked the rest of the way home trying to figure out what just happened! The pain has gone and I didn't throw up anything, just retching.

So annoyed I may well give this one another stab this evening. My legs feel totally fine. It's just weird!!

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Sounds horrible, poor you. Was it food-related, do you think? What did you eat, how long before you went out? If you were actually retching then it must come from your stomach - or not??? I don't think a stitch would have that effect.

Be interesting to hear what the more experienced runners here think.

Good luck for the next attempt, anyway!


Morning Fraz

You should know by now you have been back at work nearly 4 wks now. Its all them pesky students with there germs. There are loads about, the weather doesn't help fab breeding conditions not to hot or cold. Plenty fluids today and take it easy today and try again tomorrow morning and you will do it no problem. You did the 20 mins biggy so you know its not the run. Take care


My other half had the same with stomach pains on Friday and actually had to take the day off work as it was causing her so much discomfort. Thankfully, she was much better yesterday and got out to start W5, so hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing and you'll be fine by tomorrow.

As newstart says, plenty of fluids and relaxation today. Good luck!


Hi Fraz,

That sounds most unpleasant and I hope you're feeling better soon. Meanwhile I suspect it's as others have said, some minor bug you've contracted. Plenty of water, keep hydrated and eat when you can and you'll be fine soon I'm sure. Oh and take some rest until you're feeling better, you'll be running again in a day or two I'm sure.


I'm stubborn and just came home, wrote this, had a cuppa, got my breath back and went right back out again. Take #2 = success and now I feel fine!! If it was a bug I've just sweated it out!!!


Excellent! Well done. Keep those fluids up though.


Wow Fraz I feel frazzled just reading your blog and what a stickler to get right back out there, brave of you, well done.


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