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W6 R2 - Disappointing


I’ve just returned disappointed from my W6 R2 run, not because I didn’t finish it, but because I don’t think I pushed it enough. When Michael said to try and go a bit faster on the second 10 minutes, I didn’t - but I know I could have. I just feel disappointed that in my last interval run I didn’t give it 100%. I presume intervals are the time to push it, in order to try out different paces. Have I lost that chance?

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No.. you run, for you... and if you did not go for it, maybe your body was giving you a message , which you listened to...:)

It is important to challenge ourselves sometime, and to keep the motivation going... and only you know if it was your head or your legs telling you , that you were not going to do it:)

Just get some stretching done.. some extra core strength and stamina exercise in maybe on your rest day and head out again!

I remember on the original app with Laura.. she used to say...Finish in style and I can remember shouting back at her... I will be lucky to finish at all!! Luckily the wild life in the fields were not perturbed by this..:)

No chances missed... the runs and you are still on track :)


No. You don’t need to push Anything. It’s early days so you’re right to be very careful. It’s all about finishing, so slowly is perfect

By going slowly,you regulate your breathing, giving you sufficient puff to do the session

Don’t worry, you’re doing fine. Just chill 😃👍


I agree with the posts above - just do the runs... comfortably. This part of running is about safely building up your fitness strength and stamina. If you push for too much speed at this point you could increase your chances of injury. Once you have safely completed the programme you can start to work on your pace if you choose but between now and then just enjoy the success of completing the runs! 🙂 You will find your pace will increase naturally anyway. Good luck!🙂


No-one will judge you here. This is about getting and staying fitter, not torturing yourself. But if you do feel fed up with yourself, why not repeat that run, just to show yourself what you can do when you push it ? We still love you either way !


There are no “ought to”s here. (Thank goodness!)😀

I think enjoying your running is the most important thing - relax & enjoy your running adventure!😃

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