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W6R1 - done


Seems like a lot of week 6-ers on here this morning. After reading that this one might be a toughie, I left the house feeling a touch apprehensive. It was actually OK, the 8 minute run nearly had me there for a second but Laura piped up at 4 minutes and told me to keep going. Another one down... bring on Wednesday for the next one.

Happy running this week everyone.

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Well done! Pleased you got through it 😁

Well done Rooster! It’s a tricky run alright, but it sounds like you smashed it. 💪

R2 is similar and needs respect, but once you’ve nailed that, is just lovely long runs all the way to the podium. Enjoy them all! 😀

Well run Rooster 🐓. My run on Wednesday 👍🏻


Great run... it catches a lot out but you were ready for it. One more set of intervals to go... enjoy.

I struggled a bit this morning but it was cold air

Well done. This is my next run. I’m kinda looking forward to when you just run without the breaks. Don’t know how other people feel. But I sometimes get a bit heavy legged stopping and starting. But, believe in the plan. It’s got me this far and it’ll get me a lot further too....

Doing my w6r1 tomorrow at 530am. Feeling full of cold so not sure how it will go but refuse to give up. Good to hear you managed it 💪

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