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Hi, my first post. Decided to do this after too long sitting behind a desk and telling myself I just can't run.

Was born with a pectus excavatum deformity which made school cross country very painful so when I left education I just gave up on exercise. Now 49 and staring 50 in the face. So decided to get off my arse.

Weeks one and two were a piece of piss and I was looking forward to the big runs. Got to week 5 run 3 and was psyched up for 20 mins. Wasn't easy but did it and felt satisfied with myself afterwards.

Then this morning went out for week 6 run 1 thinking it'd be a doddle and it nearly killed me. For first time I seriously considered stopping and walking but managed to hold on and complete.

Not looking forward to rest of this week though! But I made a commitment to myself to complete the programme so I'm determined to stick with it. Love the podcast.

Good luck to everyone else.

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Fantastic well done! Keep going ! You are doing great and it is so worth it !! We all have good days and bad days don’t let them deter you, just keep going !!

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Lots and lots of people find W6R1 tricky because it looks easy on paper but actually you are moving longer and further, if you include the walks.

This is the turning point week. Get through it (and you can, you will) and it's all downhill to graduation 😊👍


I'm sure IannodaTruffe will be along at any moment to tell you to have respect for Week 6 as you're still increasing distance and the expectations on your body.

Everyone feels great after conquering Wk5 R3 and then can't believe going back to walking intervals still feels hard. Just have a look at everyone's week 6 posts (including mine) to make yourself feel better.

You've come this far and completed Wk6 R1 despite it being hard - so you know you can dig deep. Just trust the programme - you are doing and can do it!

Look forward to seeing your progress😊

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Here I am, right on time.......

Welcome, I do warn people about W6R1........

Stick with it and by the end of the week you will say goodbye to walking breaks and be on continuous runs, which many find easier. The plan works and all your efforts will be rewarded, so continue that determined approach and in just a few weeks you will be running for thirty minutes continuously.


I did week 6 r1 tonight had same experience possibly my worse session so far. Gonna motor in through though 🤔


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