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Last night I played a show in Doncaster, alot of friends came, which meant to got drink brought for me, then I found the rider...

If I saw myself, a couple of months ago, get up this morning and go for a run at 9am after a night like that I wouldn't believe it. But that's what I did.

I did find this one a bit more tricky than the 20min run last week... Not sure why, might be because I was drinking the night before.

I did wanna say a big thank you to all the support on here you lot are great.

Happy and sweaty


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Well done Doozer for 🏃 at all this morning, run 1 of week 6 catches a few people out because of the interval walks and runs, onwards and upwards to run 2 of week 6 which is the last walk/run of C25K, after that it's all running 🏃 😊

DoozerMcDoozeGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Cheers AlMorr :), shouldn't complain at the fact this is the last of the run and walks

Hats off to you for getting out there, I have trouble running after a late night especially if alcohol was involved 😀.

yep, running after a few refreshments is bloomin hard in my book. Well done to you!


Awesome work! Top marks for tackling a run after a heavy night! ... & smashing it! 🙌🍻💪


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