W6R1 done

I've now completed W6R1. It felt like a bit of a slog - my breathing was OK but my legs were very tired, so I went super-slowly. I took on board what so many other people have said that this is hard work after the 20-minute run, so I took it very gently. 

I also tried a new route - up the canal to Three Mills (where they film Masterchef) and around the little park there - so I had some new scenery to distract me from the effort.

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  • Sounds like you're doing everything right. I'm sure the next few runs will be better. Just knowing you can run for 20 minutes will spur you on.

  • Well done, Katie! You're doing such a great job. Did it work well for you to run a new route? Did it actually ease your running? I've changed my route a couple of times, but I keep coming back to the same - more or less - where I feel comfortable. Maybe it's just because it's a route where I don't meet a lot of other runners who go way faster than me...

  • Hi Iben - I find it does help to try new routes. I am really lucky that I have canal-sides, riversides, and parks to keep me entertained. Looking around me is a good distraction from feeling tired, and helps me to keep going without thinking too hard about it all. 

    I also have a tendency to hunch forwards when I get tired, so looking at the scenery helps me to keep my head up and my back straight. I find that if my body is in alignment I don't need so much energy to keep going.

  • Even doing a set route in reverse can help. I find I get "tired spots", ie I know when I reach this tree my legs will ache or when I reach this gate my energy will zap. By reversing the route my mind gets confused as to when to play tricks on me. 

  • Wow.. well done... go you :)

    Slow and steady does it.. and maybe sneak a few tasty treats maybe???

  • Hah - I've just had a very nice glass of Chianti, which I find helps with the post-run aches and pains ;-)

  • Oh yeah😏

  • I found that run a tricky one but you did it and only one more run with intervals, then it's all set times from then on.  New routes are good to freshen things up too.

  • "Only one more run with intervals" - good grief, you're right! Gulp! 

  • I didn't enjoy that run Katie but it was only that one for some reason; after that the others were straight forward though not easy. You've passed the biggest hurdles now and the rest should be fairly plain sailing. Well done :)

  • I did the same run yesterday and found it tough going too! Well done Katie, wish things round here had more names, although I ran to Chorlton waterpark, might have to make up some location names of my own :)

  • Chorlton Water park is a great place to run Kally isn't it ? :-) xxx

    Well done Katie, Week 6 can be a tricky one , youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Aye its lovely there! Eventually I want to get to Jacksons Boat. Hopefully the weather stays good!

  • I was there on Monday ! Got absolutely drenched and got lost twice :-)

    Lovely place though ! :-) xxx

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