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W6 R2 not the best

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I’d postponed running until today due to having cystitis for three days and it finally started to clear this morning. I felt really tired immediately and nothing I did made me feel better. I struggled on with shoelaces coming undone twice (briefest of stops) and the audio stopping once again (another brief stop). I kept going and convinced myself that I felt weird due to having on a really tight bra (sorry in advance chaps), this is the one I wear for boxing and it’s kind of like armour plating so it made sense. I struggled on to the end and added in an extra 20 seconds to compensate for the stops. Anyway got home...upset stomach but kind of impressed that I’d got through the run anyway. So whilst it was a pretty poor run I’m going to give myself a free pass this time.

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Lots of gremlins asses kicked there! Good job getting back out and doing the work... onwards!

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Well done for just getting out there 😀

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Great attitude and effort. 👍 you did it and moved on. 👏🏻

Well done AF😊... not the most comfortable of runs I imagine. I hope you get fully well. Drink lots of water.

Not sure if it helps, some say yes, some not, but I find drinking Cranberry juice helpful.

Good luck next run😊x

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Not sure about cranberry either but certainly worth a try :)

Well done, you still.got out there, nothing stopped you!!! Onwards to the next one.

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Doesn’t sound like a poor run to me! More like well done on many levels! This is my next run-hope I can complete it too!

I had a bra malfunction last week-I’m nursing my baby and forgot to put nursing pads in my running bra ... you can guess the rest-2 big wet circles that my husband pointed out when I got home 🤩fabulous

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

no way what a pain!

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Well done! Sounds like an awful grind of a run: we all have them. It's never good when you go out knowing it's gonna be a tough one, and worse when you realise it's going to be a BAD one. And running so soon after cistitis! Well done! My wife swears by cymalon, but apparently my mil swore by bicarb? (No idea, she rattled on about a lot of things) either way, good show!

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