Couch to 5K

W2 R2

I deserve a medal for finishing this one.

It was Wednesday. It was hot. (TMI WARNING:) It was the first day of my period and I felt crampy and miserable and like I was made of lead.

But I decided that I wasn't going to let any of that get me down and I blooming well ran anyway. I literally can't believe it - I normally don't do anything but sit on my couch and feel sorry for myself on that illustrious day. I think it was probably my slowest pace yet, and I felt very heavy, but I got through the whole thing, even the runs.

Then we went to a gig that night and we were nearly missing our train home, so we RAN from the bottom of Waterloo station (the Bakerloo line) up to the platforms and made it in less than 4 minutes! I thought I was going to die once we got on the train, but I actually managed to do it!

I'm counting this all as a win, even if it wasn't a very easy run.

Tomorrow is due to be my third and last run of week 2. Will the heat finally defeat me? It's also my last day at home before we head out on THREE WEEKS of glorious vacation. :)

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well done you. I think everyone is finding the heat tough. Dont forget to pack your trainers and ipod, you'll be on week 6 by the time you get home :-)


Already in my case! I've even booked in time for my runs, so hopefully I'll be right on track for the dreaded week six! :)


Little things like getting up the stairs with more ease, or being able to run for the bus make such a difference - it's amazing how quickly the plan affects your fitness level.


Totally! I ran for a bus the other day and didn't even get winded - amazing!


well done!! You just made me realise (TMI WARNING lol) why Ive been struggling a bit this week - period :(

That explains it! Thanks lol ;) Off out for a run tomorrow - well done and thanks for putting a smile back on my face and helpng me work out what was up without you even realising you were doing it hehe ;)


Thank you!

And I'm glad I could help you out, even if it was for something so unpleasant!!! At least we've got reasons for being low and it will be better next week. :)


You do, Indeed deserve a medal, I feel your pain, I struggle at "that" time and it does hinder your running, so well done, Have yourself a nice big glass of vino to celebrate! :)


Ha ha... I shall invite you all to my medal ceremony. :-p

Pepsi max is my poison, which I have treated myself to tonight! :)


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