W6 R2

Soooo, that didn't go quite to plan 🙁. Should have gone out yesterday but had a hectic evening as dog had to go to vets, needed to pick daughter up from work, then appt at blood donors.

Set off with good intentions tonight. Seriously struggled. Not sure if it was the heat, not drinking enough through the day, tiredness or blood donation, or quite probably just a combination of all the above, but whatever it was just didn't get in the zone at all. Half way through second 10 mins I got a stitch (1st ever), got lightheaded & thought I was going to be sick. Slowed it right down & kept plodding (determined it wasn't going to be the run that beat me). Hubby went streaking off leaving me in the dust, but I DID it! I think next time I donate, I'll leave a couple rest days before I run - not sure if my recent weight loss also contributed to feeling so lousy, but there's 23lb less of me, so maybe I noticed the loss of a pint a bit more than normal. Anyway, feeling better now (had couple pints water & some food), so will put this out of my mind & look forward to run 3 on Monday. Enjoy your weekend everyone ☺


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25 Replies

  • I did read somewhere that giving blood can affect your running. Good on you for keeping going - enjoy your day off.

  • Thank you fellow-Polly! I will, got a relaxing day planned for tomorrow x

  • Well done Polly , you dug deep and completed it , and of that you should be very proud of yourself !

    Yes I would think the blood donation would've being the reason you felt " off " it. There was a post on here some time ago about it of someone feeling exactly the same after giving blood. Plus it was so humid today .

    You completed it , done and dusted ! Have a coupla days rest and see how you feel. No harm in taking extra rest days if necessary :-) xxx

  • Hi Poppy pug, I didn't think to check on here before or after donating - makes total sense others have done this before me! I've just done a quick search & there are lots of similar stories of post-donation runs being harder than normal. It's certainly reassured me that feeling like I did was normal & not just my physical unfitness rearing it's head or gremlins staging a take over. Thank you x

  • Ah that's great Polly2723 , I'm so glad you've been reassured xxx

  • I'm sure that would have made a difference along with the heat and hydration. You sound so determined, well done for digging deep and enjoy your rest day(s)

  • Thank you, it was hard but I was determined lol

  • Definitely the blood donation's fault. Good idea to take more rest next time. But well done!

  • Thanks Iben, I certainly will take a few extra days next time. Necessary I think in hindsight x

  • Well done sounded tough but you did it :-) I am finding W6 hard - harder than W5 I think. Onwards to R3 - good luck :-)

  • Good luck to you also. At this rate we should be close to graduating together. Won't be long now (eek!) x

  • We will!! Exciting :-) x

  • Lots of people do. But from week 7 it's non-stop running and I found that sooo much easier than I thought I would. Good luck, Ladies!

  • Thanks :-)

  • Thank you 😊

  • Amazing Polly :) True grit! Have a really good rest now. And good luck for R3

  • Thank you McFitty - & look at you with your shiny new badge! Well done for graduating x

  • red cross advise no strenuous exercise after giving blood for the rest of the day. If you think about it, you just reduced your red blood cell count by around 10-12% - and they're the cells that carry oxygen to your muscles! You make up the fluid lost in a few hours if you drink afterwards, but the blood cells takes days or even weeks to fully replenish. So you did well to complete, but it's probably a good idea to schedule a couple of days clear when you next donate.

  • Thank you - I most certainly will take a few extra days next time. I feel a bit daft now for not realising it would affect me like it did - still I know for next time☺

  • Should wait 24-48hrs for an easy run such as c25k and 3-4 days for harder run...

  • Really? I'll bear that in mind after my next appointment in November. Thank you

  • Well done for battling through. All the factors you mention may have made it harder and the week 6 runs seem to trip people up at the best of times.

    Rest up well before the next, make sure you are well hydrated and take it slow - you will be fine!

  • Great determinatio - well done you👍🏼 You bagged that one, onward to the next.......

    Be kind to yourself 😀

  • Hi Polly - I am a blood donor too. Well done for completing your run, but generally it's best not to run or do any strenuous exercise on the day of a blood donation. You have less blood on that day, therefore less haemoglobin, therefore less oxygen will be getting to your muscles.

  • Well done for pushing on through. It's very character building and satisfying to complete those tricky runs. The blood donation can't have helped so you did brilliantly to get through!

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