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W3 Run 2


Didn’t want to run today as I hadn’t run since Monday due to the weather but can honestly say I’m buzzing, started off slow and completed it. I’m finding the walks are so important to get your breath back. Was tempted to set the reminder for tomorrow as I felt great but it’s set for Monday, slightly behind schedule but it’s not a race, I keep telling myself. Always been impatient lol

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Good job all round there. Monday will come soon enough. You’re doing great.


Brilliant well done I did same run today. Your right not to be tempted to miss your rest day. Rest day is easily as important as the run day, it's when the microtears in the muscles repair and how they become stronger run by run. Keep up the great work!!

Purple66 in reply to steviej99

Thank you and a big well done to you too! Didn’t know about the muscle repair so I’ve learnt something as well which makes sense now. Good luck on run 3.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Purple66

Please read the info in the post for Newbies... it is really helpful:)



If you feel great - tomorrow you can do some other non-impact exercise? Even just going for a walk will be good for you! You have a fab attitude, you'll complete and keep running :)

Purple66 in reply to icklegui

Not a bad idea as weather is mixed tomorrow. Might dust my camera off and go for a walk along the canal, exercise while enjoying the wildlife 😊


Well done... and on resisting running tomorrow... :) Rest days...non negotiable:)


Monday is very soon :) You are doing great! In your own pace is always the best :)

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