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Week 2 run 2

Week 2 run 2

Another early start – woke up at 5.20 to the lovely sound of rain hitting the window, not the best motivator! I still managed to drag myself out of bed, down a cup of tea, get my running kit on and we were out of the door for 5.55am!

Luck must have been with me as the rain had abated by the time we got to Boscombe Pier.

I’d set up a new playlist last night so I had a mix of everything from a Green Day to Dire Straits!

The five minute warm up went so quickly today, but the first run was tougher than Monday, so I had to drop my pace a little but this meant I didn’t wish the time away so much. Today my new strategy for keeping going for the 90 seconds was to fix on an object (like a beach hut) a little way away and then if I thought I had to run to that, I felt I could keep going, so far the “voice in my ear” always told me to stop before the landmark!

It’s now 7am and I’ve showered and just about ready for work – we’ll have to see how much energy I’ve got by the end of the day!

Next run Thursday morning!

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Well done! :)


Well done you! 🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏻


Well done, looks like a lovely place to run.


Thought that photo was Boscombe- you must be just around the corner from me!

I started a running group as I wanted company to help me through C25K and we meet regularly in groups to run together. I graduated yesterday!

If you ever want to join us, give me a shout!

Good luck!!

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Well done 😊


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