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I am not allowed to run


Hi..I had a total hip replacement in March this year and my doctor says I can never run as this will be too much impact on my new hip..trouble is, i feel lazy when I am at the gym compared with other people running on the treadmill and I can only walk..causes me a lot of anxiety but I am so pleased I can even walk again so I should not moan.

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Hi Slimmermum, great news that you were able to get the op and that it has been a success. I’m sure you’ve had to wait long enough for it !

I understand your frustration, but it would be daft to risk your shiny new hip over it ! I’m massively overweight and not yet able to run, but I’m using C25k as a double pace walking programme to build up initial fitness. I hope later I will be able to run, though I was always hopeless at it ! Meanwhile I’m having loads of fun. Might be a good starting point for you? Meanwhile, well done on all that effort at the gym ⭐️⭐️⭐️


How about cycling/ exercise bike? :)


A cross trainer should provide a good workout without the impact of running.

It might be worth challenging in respect of bone strength, since the impact of running is beneficial to maintaining bone strength.


Great to know you are mobile again. It's all very individual of course, but might be worth seeking more advice. My friend also had a hip replacement last year and ran the C25K with me this year. She is now running faster than me. I also have a personal trainer regularly running 10ks and he has had knee and hip replacements at the age of 35.

So, ask for more advice maybe.


Gosh... well done you for the walking ad getting out there.. my sister had this f#done and has given that up!

Maybe, head over to Active 10.. a great forum like this and specifically for walkers.. with badges too :) Our own lovely Realfoodieclub is there.. looking after everyone:)

Hi there as Oldfloss says we are great at helping in keeping the motivation going. We have a new challenge that has just started which can be whatever you want it to be on the walking forum It’s called Let’s Walk. There are a few of us supporting each other through various different abilities with walking and it is a really friendly group.


So sorry about your running news, I can imagine how that must make you feel right now. I had a spell of not running and took up speed walking/race walking. Less impact but I really got my pace very close to my running pace. (Hehe I’m not the fastest runner but I became quite a fast walker😀).

Looking forward to you coming over to the other forum.

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