I am a blob. Must...do...running

I haven't had a run for a week. The dog hasn't had a walk for 2 days. I have never seen so much water. Sussex is afloat! I have eaten all the chocolate in the house and the treadmill is still where we moved it so we could use the table for Christmas. My hip hurts, my back hurts and I think I must have dreamt graduating from C25K. It was all a dream. I'm not a runner. I am a large baggy sofa potato. HEEEELPP! Must get back out there!


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22 Replies

  • Lol join the club Jen ! I have been housebound since Monday hobbling round , fed up , wondering if I'll ever run again . ( I tend to blow thing out of proportion ) but that's how I feel . It's doing my head in . What's happened to us . Sob sob

  • Don't get despondent mate. Remember 'Running like a Girl' and how long it took Hemmo to get back on her feet after injury. You HAVE to rest but you WILL get better and get back out there. Be positive. x

  • Stay inside! It's bloody horrible out there! I should know, I foolishly ventured out today... Were they nice chocolates?...I've just polished off half a box of orange matchmakers! ; ) Gonna have to move on to the girls chocolates next!... WHAT AM I SAYING?????!!!! Ignore me, it's the little devil on my shoulder talking again! He's been very vocal today... You'll be out there soon enough, pounding those (hopefully!) less soggy pavements, remembering what this running malarkey is all about. But for now, rest up. Poorly hips and a bad back are not conducive to running! That goes for you too Rockette! X

  • Lol, I think the bad back may be because I've grown into the sofa! I just need to dump some weight and get back into it. I think I've eaten everything bad left in the house so it's back to stir fry for me...!

  • A valiant effort, of which you have every right to be proud! I am languishing somewhere behind you on the 'eating crap' department and still have a cupboard full of it to plough through; though I fear that might be because of the quantities that were in there to start with, rather than any level of self control on my part!!!

  • Funnily enough Jen I'm re reading that book , I think it's really inspiring . I've just reserved bike lights & a helmet from Argos , the bloody bikes being brought out the shed & I'm on it Sunday . Swimming tomorrow . About running books , have you read , run fat bitch run ? That's good . Just read it seeing as I'm a lady a leisure , off work .

  • Yes I know , but I've been wallowing in self pity last 2 days , getting on hubby's nerves , he even had the nerve to shout ... For Christs sake it only a sprain ! Only a sprain , the cheek of it lol . He doesn't know how such things affect us athletic types lol .

  • You have to walk the dog no matter what the weather. Even if I'm dying of guts ache, sprained ankle etc etc I still walk the dog, or should I say he walks me. I think having a dog is the best thing for motivation. Bless em

  • I know , I can't walk the dog even , he's having to make do with back garden , mind you he's a tiny yorkie & it's a big garden .

  • Hee hee Rockette. I know how you feel being an injured fellow athlete. LOL If my husband breaks as much as a nail it's practically terminal !

  • I know , god help me if it was his ankle !

  • Yes I was joking. He goes out whatever but our lovely long walks have been scuppered due to severe flooding here. Weve had to stick to roads.

  • Yes I was joking. He goes out whatever. Just roads round here though due to flooding everywhere. We've been on the beach a few times but it's wild.

  • Cheek! Kick him on the ankle and tell him it's only a bruise! ;-) My friend recommended that book funnily enough. Have to nab it from her.

  • Stretch your back it will help with the hips too. When you run it shortens muscles, stretching will lengthen them. As for the other stuff think how good tog feel when you have been out. Sometimes the hardest thing is just lacing up your shoes to go out. When you get up put your running gear on, have a piece of fruit and drink some water. It's easy to relapse but never to late to set tote self back on course. Look at some nice easy 5k races and book onto them. This will givd you a focus and motivate you. Good luck and remember all is not lost and don't beat yourself up about it. Today is a new day :-)

  • My spelling is awful in that reply. It's early and I didn't proof read so apologies for the misspellings. However, get up today and set yourself a target of 2 miles or even a mile, once you're out you'll stay out for longer. Enjoy :-)

  • Jen I know all our bodies are different but one of the reasons I took up running was to help my back. When I sat for too long I had really bad backache but since running I've not had a twinge. Maybe if you went for a walk you might get impatient and break into a run!

  • What absolutely rotten weather there's been - but someone told me about the Leslie Sansone power walking videos on YouTube and I've been doing those every day. You can walk for one to five miles (or jog). I was nearly going stir-crazy with not being able to go out. youtube.com/results?search_...

    The sun's out at the moment so I'd better get out for a run!

  • Hey babe. This is Theophulus Dan Wilderbeest sending lurrve. Move your body to the door. Git them thar shoes on and git out that door! Go slow baby.....real slow......take it eeeeeeasy and git back into yo' jive!

    OK. Enough of speaking like the walrus of Love - Everybody does the same thing at Xmas time don't they, so you're no different. EXCEPT YOU ARE! You're a C25K graduate. You represent something that people would love to be. Get out asap and slowly but surely burn each one of those choccies off! Hahaha!

  • That's encouraging words that I'm going to heed too. (Goes to put on trainers). Happy new year everyone.

  • Hope you managed to get out today even if just for a mini power walk whilst having a good old stretch. If not, have Theophulus dan Wilderbeests words ringing in your ears and get out tomorrow even if it's lashing it down! Go on!! Grrrr! Where's that panther when you need her?!!!

  • I hope you did it Jenwrenarm. I did thanks to reading here 1st.

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