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Reality Check Please... Am I Allowed to Get Excited or does it Just Mean that I Walk faster than I Run??

Reality Check Please... Am I Allowed to Get Excited or does it Just Mean that I Walk faster than I Run??

After a decidedly tiring week I started to psych myself up for W7R1. This morning, with a sprinkling of snow about, I warily got into my running gear, not really looking forward to the 25 minute run up and down the very slight inclines (which are probably more like mole hills to you graduates...).

First things first... I'd been meaning to just start my sports tracker after my 5 minute walk so I could just time the 25 mins running - sadly I forgot and just started it at the same time as Laura. Anyway, off I went - after my 5 minute walk the first part of my run was down an incline but I was still surprised to hear that I'd done my 2nd Km in 05.50 - "gosh" I thought, "if I could do that for each km then I'd do 5 in 27.50 - well that'll be a few months after Graduation, especially as I have yet to cover 5kms - normally finish with about 4.something".

I carried on with face and fingers tingling, enjoying the view of the hills and mountains looking as if they'd been gently dusted with icing sugar when to my surprise I was nearly home. I hadn't really listened much - after my 05.50 km - to the sports tracker robot undoubtedly whispering painfully slow km timings in my ear. It was just as I was almost at the end of my cool down walk that 'robo-sports' said "5kms in 34.31". I didn't really think much about it there and then BUT as I was checking the workout afterwards it suddenly dawned on me that INCLUDING THE 10 MINUTES WARM UP/WARM DOWN I had just done 5kms for the first time AND ONLY 4.31 OVER THE 30 MINUTE MARK!!

Sooooooooooooooo - I'M LOOKING FOR A REALITY CHECK PLEASE. Is it possible that this is a good time or is it cheating given that I'm sure I walk faster than I run. Is there anyone out there who can talk me through what has actually happened and bring me back down to earth - gently - by explaining this freak phenomenon. All information gratefully received :-).

Hope you're all having good weekends

Sara xox

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Sara, I am no expert but 4.31 k sounds super to me! I think you're a star! Brilliant!

You'll get to the 5k soon I'm sure, meanwhile I would bask in the 4.31 and feel proud xox delia


Oh darn it Delia, I knew I'd get these running stats all ass about face! What I meant was that I found I'd done 5kms in 34mins and 31 seconds and I was a bit astounded a) that I'd done 5kms and b) that I'd done it in that time - only 4mins 31 seconds over the 30 minute target.

Arrrrggghhh - give me SPSS any time (!) all these running stats are a foreign country! Certainly feeling proud, no matter what :-). Thanks for the boost Delia xox


Sounds good to me! Sounds fast! Well done!

What are you using to track it? With many of them you can log onto a website and see your splits per KM and graphs showing the pace, offering you a much fuller understanding of the run.


Hi Roller, thank you :-). Yes - i have the free Android app and it tracks everything you can think of and allows you website access too. After each run i can see directly on my phone calories, altitude, pace, time, splits etc. I'm just a bit new to all this language tho' so am not quite sure about it all - duh! But basically I find it a bit unbelievable that, according to today's run if I'd some 30 minutes running i might have made it in 30 minutes, always assuming I'm not walking faster than I'm running :-)!!

Thank you so much for your response. If this keeps up I'll keep you all posted - a bit surreal if you ask me. Thanks again, Sara :-)


It's great when you run your first 5k in a decent time isn't it? I was just under 34mins for mine.......I was astounded it even began with a 3 and not a 4.......!! Well done; you will soon nail it in 30mins.Sue x


Oh gracious Sue, so it is real, I'm not dreaming or making it a cheat that 10 mins of out was walking? I'm in a bit of shock if what you are all saying is that my time is valid..... Wooooohhhooooo :-)!! I thought i was going to have to wait until long after I'd graduated to see 5 kms on my tracker. Blimmin' 'eck and eggy thump and bloody Nora and bleedin' Ada!! Oh and don't leave out poor old Gordon Bennett :-) LOL! Thanks Sue, so much, Sara xox


crikey riley!!

absolutely bloomin fantastic times!

you're well on your way to graduation and beyond.

if I can achieve half as much as what you've done I'll be one happy bunny.

and what a place to run in!! gorgeous.

keep on running!!



Hello AuntieAli :-). Yes it is lovely here. Thank you so much for that 'yippee yell'. What is so amazing is that i felt so unsure, spirits were flagging a bit and running up inclines really gets me puffing so you could have knocked me over with a feather! Perhaps it was Laura at the end with her impossibly cheery 'hey give it some wellie on this last stretch, you can do it'? God, i thought i was going to throw up by the end of that run. Ali, where are you at on the programme? Do let me know, it's so great to be able to cheer people on at each stage. Cheerio and thank you, Sara :-)


Excellent, psara!!! Run, walk, crawl, do somersaults!!! It doesn't matter how you do it, you completed 5K and did it with a fantastic time!! You have every reason to be tickled with yourself!!! YOU ARE A RUNNER!!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Blimey Steve, this i is just such wonderful confirmation. I know you've been having fun with your runs since graduation so your input is greatly appreciated :-). I have plantar fasciitis which I'm Carling but it never seems to affect my running thank God :-). I wonder if I'll manage this again? Snow is definitely with us this morning so whether i manage the same in these yaktrax pro grips will be interesting. Thanks Steve and cheers, Sara xox


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