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B210K Run One -- Usain Bolt? Not!

Beautiful hot day here in the Italian food valley as I had a bash at Week One Run One of B210K at 7.30 am.

No Laura, but an unfamiliar north American lady named Samantha who doesn't really have much to say for herself except "Now walk for one minute" four times :-D

No hip hop music à la Audiofuel but a rather odd mix of swing, muzak and folk (?)

No encouragement or back patting, but OK.

As usual my first 10 minutes were hard, the rest nice and easy, but, boy, I am so slow! Phil, Swan, James, Sue aaaaergh! How slow am I? But so what? I did it. A year ago I couldn't run 60 seconds and here I am running for almost an hour. I am really, really pleased!

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Wow - you're starting B210K when it's only going to keep getting hotter? Kudos to you! Well done for running almost an hour - with 5x50 I'm down to about 20 minutes now (I'm blaming tired legs from so much exercise).

I look forward to seeing how you progress with this - but I'm still not tempted myself to go beyond 5k right now.

Have a nice weekend when it comes - I'm off to another exercise class in a minute and for a change it's sunny so happy faces around here :-)


Thank you so much! Between you me and the gatepost I feel such a crap runner. I mean, in 40 minutes I did just 5K which is awful! But I kept on going which is what counts.

5 x 50 has changed my life. I walk everywhere now and do strength and flex on my "off" days (off in more ways than one!) -- do try S&F if you haven't done so already, it is pretty awesome. I keep repeating week one but it is good for the upper body (and counts as 5K!)

As you know I have a bit of titanium in place of my right knee -- what a poor excuse eh! Maybe that's what slows me down? Plus I've put on a couple of pounds yet look thinner. Hubby says it's all muscle. Who knows. Above all, who cares! London marathon this weekend, right? Happy weekend xox


I think I'd do well to get to 5k in 40 mins at the moment - haven't been near 5k for a while although my PB was 34 mins (last November, soon after graduating).

I'll try S&F sometime - as you may read elsewhere (if you have time) I've had a full week this week but new activities are always worth trying. I think upper body strength is also lacking - maybe that's why I'm an even slower swimmer than I am runner!

I didn't know about your titanium knee - it clearly isn't hampering activities too much - does it cause any discomfort or do you just disregard it now?

Yes - London Marathon this Sunday. Usually an excuse to hit the couch but I think I may run or cycle during it this year. I know a couple of runners so I'll be tracking their progress online.

Ho hum - got to get off to class now. Fortunately the instructor was at last night's sessions as well (she did another one too) so hopefully she won't be giving us too hard a time!

Sun gone behind cloud now but hopefully it'll be back later xx


Knee is a long story. Lost it in a car crash 30 years ago. Young and silly driver - yours truly at the wheel. But I got on with life, had 3 kids and even went skiing. Hurts like hell now I'm getting older! But I do NOT want to end up in a wheelchair which is why I started running.

Don't tell anyone but after running it can be really stiff and painful. But I suppose I'm a positive person and just get on with things. What with kids, work, home and now Dad the last thing I need is to moan about my gammy knee. I'd mauch rather moan abou my crap running!



That's grim about the knee! But yes, whatever life throws at you, it's best to be positive. Funny, I was thinking about Pollyanna the other day and reminded myself that I must be more positive! (Moaning about crap running is fine though, we all do it from time to time!)

Will be starting B210k soon, so read your blog with interest!



Running for nearly an hour? Impressive. For me the first 10 minutes is a breeze (ha, didn't think I'd be saying that 9 weeks ago) and then it goes progressively downhill (which is quite the wrong word - 'uphill' being a more accurate feeling).

But can I ask how, for you, this compares with the 5k+ podcasts?

I'm wondering what to do next and find I liked the structure of the first programme and being told what to do (if my wife ever reads those words she'll faint..).


Hi there! I did the 5k+ pocasts from December till last Wednesday. I think they're very good. I don't know whether this run would have been so easy if I'd gone straight from C25K to B210K. Laura is much more useful than Samantha. But so far so good. Will keep you posted! I'ma slo doing the 5 x 50 challege so i won't be doing Run 2 till Monday otherwise it'll totally knacker me!


OK, thanks. I think I'll try Stepping Stones next in that case and reacquaint myself with Laura early one morning. :)


Wow, Delia, that's amazing! It doesn't matter a bit that you're slow(er than you think you should be) - you did it and that's the main thing. I hope your knee holds up, and it's so good to hear that 5x50 has changed your life :) Enjoy! xx


Yes it has...and I shall try to keep it up , thanks Annie


Good for you, Delia. The only thing I'd say re the B210K podcasts is you may find it hard going if your follow it to the letter and do each run 3x a week. Three runs each up to one hour will take a lot of stamina.


In fact, my legs are killing me today!


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