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To run or not to run?

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So the other Friday I ran my longest distance (4mile) and gained some pretty hefty blisters on the inner sole part of both my feet (near the arch of my foot)

I ran on them again Monday and did some serious damage to my feet, the blisters blowing up so big I couldn't walk/drive and had to go to the doctor.

Its now a week and 2 days and I haven't ran. The blisters have gone, but the skin hasn't quite grown back, it is very rough and red.

I've bought some more mile socks recommended to me but I cant decide whether I can run now, or whether I need to wait until my feet are looking normal again! I worry this could be quite some time...

Any advise on this?

thanks :)

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ouch, you shouldnt be getting blisters. My guess is that your shoes are wrong. Did you have gait analysis?

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amygill1990 in reply to ju-ju-

yes I had a gait analysis and went to a proper running shop for my trainers.

Im putting it down to the socks and sweat, it was a hot evening and the longest I had ran. You could see where the sweat was on my socks is where the blisters were on my feet, hence why I've bought proper anti blister socks.

Im confident from what I've read Ill be able to prevent it, just need to work out whens safe to run again!

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to amygill1990

I made the mistake of using new socks for my last marathon... I lost 2 toenails :(

Compeed plasters??

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amygill1990 in reply to ju-ju-

omg you poor poor thing! what socks were they?

I'd only run on blisters if I were getting paid for it, and that doesn't look likely

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amygill1990 in reply to DawnRun

but there not blisters any more this is my conundrum......

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Smear some Vaseline on the area? shoes with a high arch can cause blisters, engo blister prevention patches can be used..

Thanks, am googling them now. I was thinking Vaseline, for a short run today with my new socks! Was also thinking of trying compeed, but then I wouldn’t need the Vaseline….

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davelinksGraduate in reply to amygill1990

Yes, there's also compeed, if you have no vas, try one of those first with new socks, let us know how it goes..

Have ordered those engos just now.

Tonight I will try compeed with the new socks on a short run and let you know how it goes!

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I like co-op own brand plasters, and Vaseline. You could do a foot soak with some sea salt in the hot water and soak your feet while watching telly

I was stopped in my tracks yesters by a tiny blister but it hurt like hell. I had to go home, put a plaster on and a change of shoe, and head out again

Do the Vaseline smear after your post run bath or shower. You can use Vaseline before your run to prevent rubbing.

Have just got back off a tiny run (2mile) used compeed and new socks.

Can't see any further damage or new blisters although one hurts slightly.

Will pop some Vaseline on it and try park run with the same routine Saturday 😊 Thanks for all the help glad to have ran today

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MrsShrek in reply to amygill1990

Any brand of the colloidal blister plasters are as good as the Compeed ones - Tesco own brand are ok. I've even bought some from Poundland type shops and they are fine. I only need them for skiing mind you, not running!

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amygill1990 in reply to MrsShrek

Thank you that's good to know as that just set me back nearly £5!

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MrsShrek in reply to amygill1990

I bought some from Home Bargains for £1.99 last week for my son as he's on a hiking holiday 👍🏼

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amygill1990 in reply to MrsShrek

thanks will take a look

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I'm not an expert, but I'd suggest compeed plasters (as an additional protection for now and in case of future disasters) and go for few (very) short runs, so your feet will get used to it gradually.

Thought id do an update on this as blisters can be such a pain

After deciding to go out for a run initially with the compeed pads, although I completed a small run with no new blisters, I did manage to get some a few hours later in my walking boots!

Very frustrated I didn’t run for another week until my feet had completely healed

Last night I did a 5k. By now I have the enzo pads in my trainers (something I hadn’t before) and I put talc in my socks

Completed the 5k with no pain, and still cant see any blisters

It’s taken new socks and the pads but I am now blister free :D

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