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W5 R3 - not feeling particularly elated!


Hi all – firstly, congrats to everyone that’s taking part in this wonderful programme! Sorry it’s a long post!

This morning I completed W5R3. While it’s such a big achievement - I didn’t feel particularly elated! I jog very slowly (as I’ve seen advised on this forum) and the whole time I just felt like I could be going faster, pushing a bit more. Is this normal?

I know breathing isn’t supposed to be laboured but I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself in that way even slightly, I was just breathing normally. My legs definitely felt like they were having a workout though! Had thoughts of stopping a few times based on “the burn”, which I thankfully ignored.

I’m in my mid-late 20s and a healthy body weight. I was very very mildly active before I started this but had never run before, certainly not for 20 mins!!

With that in mind though, would it be worth going slightly faster and seeing how I get on? Push through the initial “burn” that comes with lengthening my stride? Or am I just being impatient?

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Now you have got your first continuous run in you can think about a little push every now and then. Personally I do my pushing at the end of the run, that way I don’t completely do myself in. Your next run is intervals again so maybe for the final interval go for it and see how it feels, if you tire straight away reign it in and slow down again. It sounds like you are ready for a gentle push.

Thank you. I’ve worried about burning out too early so that’s great advice =]


You’re doing great. The advice is there to get people through to fitness. If you already have more than the average then yes, you could go a little faster. If I feel I have anything left in the tank I get rid of it in my last run, as you’re on single runs now, I guess the 5 minutes to go message is where I’d make that decision.

Thank you, i’ll try pushing more towards the end! Not sure I started this at above average fitness though - 3 minute runs were actual hell at first. Maybe something has clicked (not quite sure what - but something! Haha)

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to WonderfullyKam

Well, you were fitter than me... one minute runs were hell!!!


At 55 I've long experience of my negative self, should be faster, run further etc etc. Today I completed C25K and one of the big things I kind of picked up and decided to focus on was be positive. Be in the moment of the movement/ run. Have no expectation of how it should be. Be kind to yourself and enjoy.

Lovely advice, thank you. A lot of this is mental isn’t it.

Congratulations on completing the programme!

ArcherJGraduate in reply to WonderfullyKam

Why thank you

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