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W5 R3: That hurdle overcome!!

Like a lot of those before me, I can’t believe I have done that. I have run for 20 minutes non-stop!! The hurdle that was W5 Run3 has passed and I am so relieved. I even woke up last night thinking about it.

I had to choke when Laura told me to breathe through my nose and out through my mouth. No way!! No way for enough air to be inhaled through my nose (by this time I was gasping). Anyway, my nose was running (faster than I was!!) and I had to continually sniff. On all previous weeks, I have used the walking breaks to fish out my Kleenex and blow my nose. I didn’t want to break what rhythm I had to do that, so I just sniffed!!

I thought I had set off early enough in the morning to avoid seeing anyone. Not a bit of it. Several dog walkers and one other (more accomplished) runner. There I was, gasping, sniffing and beetroot-faced. Nae a bonnie sicht! (Not a pretty picture!)

The main thing is I managed it. I don’t know which genius worked out the C25k plan but, so far at least, it seems to be working. I know there are challenges ahead, but this was a huge obstacle for me. I struggled with the 8 one-minute runs at the beginning and just lived for the moment Laura told me I could walk. What a difference 4 weeks makes.

As a bonus, the sun was shining :). The rain that was forecast at the beginning of the week didn’t materialise. It’s going to be a beautiful day. xx

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Big Congratulations that's a major milestone within the program completed. :D

Good luck with the rest.


Thank you OlsBean. Fingers crossed!


Awesome job, well done you. :-) Isn't it a absolutely brilliant feeling when Laura tells you you have done it? I know what you mean about the breathing through your nose, I still can't do it after about 10 minutes of running I can't seem to get any air through my nose. And yes I do spend a lot of time sniffing too. Hahaha.

The very best of luck with your next run. :-)


Thank you. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a nose-breathing problem!!

I know that other people have found W6 R1 difficult after running without breaks, but I just have to keep hoping I can keep up with the program. So far, so good :)


It was a bit of a shock for me at how much harder I found the interval running after running for 20 minutes. I really did think it would be easy and it wasn't, not for me anyway. Haha. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will do just fine.:-)


I have just logged on to find this - your victory post :) WELL DONE YOU!!! My fellow week 5 run 3 er you blooming did it - we have blooming done it and I can't stop smiling for you!!!! X x x made my day!!! Send good vibes my way please I am going for the next one tonight x x x


Thank you so much. I kept thinking of your comments as I was sniffing and gasping along!!! I was doing OK then Laura said 'only 2 minutes left' and I was expecting her to say '1 minute left'. That extra minute seemed like a lifetime!!

Good vibes going your way as I type. Good luck for the run tonight. Let me know if going back to the interval running is as bad as they say it is.

We can do this!! xx :)


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