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Elated and amazed W5 R3

Hello everyone

I suspect a lot of people lurk around these forums just like I did; reading up on anything that matches the week I'm up to but not actually posting, this is for them and anyone else wondering if they're READY!

I'm five weeks away from being 49 years old and whilst I am not overweight I have not done any proper exercise since I was around 23. I have a sedentary job with zero physical exercise and I knew I was unfit.

Five weeks ago after talking to a friend doing the C25K I made a stupid decision to give it a go thinking

a. I won't be able to do it


b. I will just give up at the first excuse

So I dug out an old pair of trainers (wrong), downloaded the podcast and off I went. First day bam no problem, rest a day, second day not as easy, rest day, third day ow ,ow, ow.

hmm, start reading the forum.

By the end of week two my left knee was on fire, well not my knee exactly but just below on the inside. By now for some reason I was determined to see it through so I read the forum a bit more, went out and bought some new gel heeled running shoes. Karrimor D3O's and put ice on my knee for a week.

I didn't stop running though as the new trainers were a revelation. I cannot recommend highly enough that you get a proper pair of running shoes if you're running about in anything else.

After a week I was pain free which is saying something as it was really painful at the time.

Since then I have dutifully followed the program and tonight was the dreaded W5 R3 20 minute run. Are they mad? The longest I've run up to this point is eight minutes. I have been worrying about this all day, I don't think I was this nervous when I had my wisdom tooth out. It makes no sense as I can just do it again if I don't manage it but that wasn't in my game plan.

As you should have guessed just by the title I did it and I'm so amazed and happy about it I've come out of the shadows and written this.

Anyone reading this for inspiration/motivation let me tell you that you ARE READY. Trust in the makers of this program to know what they're talking about. I played my own 20 minute musical playlist and the minutes just ran into each other (pun intended). My legs are complaining afterwards but that is to be expected.

I had this mad idea about doing a park run, now it's not so crazy.

Someone give the people behind this scheme a pay rise.

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Epic, just epic. Great stuff!


I completed this run today too! Been smiling all day. Well done on your run.

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Well done, fab stuff x :-)

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Whoop whoop, well done Hedgy, that's fantastic. A great week to complete. parkrun may sound like madness, but I recommend it, they are fab. Many people at my local one, walk/run if they need to and everyone is really supportive. And you are so right, this programme is just the business x :-)


Thanks everyone, still feeling good about myself four hours later.

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Fab post! So well done to you. It's a fabulous achievement.


Well done, and I'm glad you've stepped out of the shadows. Keep us posted on your progress!


Awesome! I'm starting Week 5 on Monday and was a little apprehensive about Run 3. Thanks for the encouraging words. Keep on keepin' on!


I was thinking the exact same thing about whomever invented this programme yesterday when I completed W5R1! They should get a Nobel Prize or something!

It's the craziest thing I've ever done and I am THE most unlikely of runners but my goodness this programme works!

Thanks so much for coming out of lurk mode to share this and very well done you!



Thanks and congratulations on sticking with the program. I'd wish you good luck for run three this week but you won't need it as the program gets you ready. It is more psychological than anything.


Thanks for posting this Hedgy. Will look out for your future posts to see how you are getting on - well I hope! :-)


Hi Hedgy, I was exactly the same- W5R3 loomed like a laughing giant about to bite my head off... The feeling you get when you actually trust the programme and give it a go, and manage it, is truly amazing.

Well done! You should spend ages enjoying that achievement - just remember W6R1 bites back for a lot of people, who knows why!- so, take it really slowly and keep trusting the programme 😀


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