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First week 3!

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Hi all!

My third time attempting the programme and am about to commence my first week 3 run! I've always got to the end of week 2 before and then life has got in the way so I'm excited to try my first 3 minute run!

I've had about 5 days off due to moving house business but have really noticed myself desperate to go for a run which I think is a good sign. I think I might struggle today after so much time off and then leaping right back in, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go!

Hope you're all having a lovely Thursday so far!

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I think you'll be fine. Take it nice and steady. Enjoy the scenery and boom the three minutes will be a breeze xx

Thank you! I'm still in the stage of trying to train my brain away from timer watching and counting down the seconds, so I think 3 minutes all be a real test of this! Xxx

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Deborahchick46Graduate in reply to Milkandwhiskers

Start people watching instead. You'll be surprised by what you see . I must be the most nosy runner ever 😂

Hah yes, excellent advice! The time of people watching always flies by! 😁

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If this is your third try and you are “desperate to run”, then you really have the determination to do this. 😃

Maybe plan your running days in your diary and then stick to it unless there is a health problem. Have you read the pinned post for beginners? There is lots of useful information there.

Good luck! If you post how you are doing we will cheer you on. 😄

Yes, I feel this is really the time I'm going to complete it and I can't wait! Thankyou for the tips and encouragement! :)

I did it! And it went way better than expected! I even accidentally paused my sweet Sanjeev during the 90 second run so ended up running definitely another 45 seconds!

Wahoo! Xx

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to Milkandwhiskers

Very well done.😄

Just stick to the program from now on, to reduce risk of injury. Enjoy your journey. 😄

I too are trying again got stuck in wk 7 due to life but hoping to finish this time good luck

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