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Week 3 😁

Well I've got week 1 ( did 5 runs in this week just to get into it ), then week 2 done and did my first run of week 3 on Sunday morning. I've had a few niggles with my right thigh and have now realised that if I do a good set of stretches before and after and have an Epsom salt bath I'm ok.

I was a bit apprehensive with week 3 but it flew by and had my best time per mile for ages so I'm looking forward to tomorrow's run now.

Haven't run for 25 years and now I'm retired I've taken it up again with my 30 year old daughter. Kept comparing myself to her and thinking " I used to be able to do this ". And then I stopped and thought I'm twice her age and more so just take it steady and now I'm enjoying it more.

I AM competitive but I've realised I just need to ease back into it and it's not a race - it's a fitness programme.

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Doing five runs per week for a new runner who has niggles in their thigh, does sound like a recipe for disaster. The rest day between runs is to allow the micro tears in your muscles to repair and strengthen. If you don't rest you don't repair and strengthen and your injury risk is increased.

Because you can do the runs does not mean that the nett results may be more negative than positive. Sixty year olds who injure themselves take a lot longer to recover than a thirty year old. Do not compare and do not try to keep up with someone half your age.

Please read the guide to the plan and stick to the scheduled runs or you may regret it.

Take care.


No it wasn't 5 runs a week it was , week one run repeated 5 times ( with rest days between ) so almost 2 weeks of week 1.


I am making sure I have at lest one rest day between and occasionally 2.

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That's good to hear. It didn't read like that.


Oh, I see now! I thought you were out practically every day. I hope your thigh niggles clear up soon.



Blimey I was shocked at the 5 runs in a week - then I read on!

I had one of my friends say 'so how fast can you do a km is it 5 and a half?' And I said I am 57, she said that’s not what I asked and I replied I am 57, you are 32, there is very little chance of me doing 5 mins 30 seconds for a km...

Even though my GP told me 50 was the new 40, it’s impossible for us to drop 30 years when running.

Slow and steady running pays off - well done for taking the running back up again. looking forward to reading how you get on...

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Great that you've completed but I wonder whether the thigh niggles might be trying to tell you something! Three runs a week (or one every other day, which is a slightly higher rate) is probably enough for progress and less chance of injury. Enjoy the journey; it's not a race. Yet 😊


Yeah I think it was because I was just getting out of bed, drinking a glass of water and then putting in my running gear and going straight out. Since I'm doing the prep work first and eating a banana too it's got much easier.


Well done.. I am glad the runs had rest days in between....Keep this slow and is a great programme... enjoy :)


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