Week 3 Done! (But not sure about 4)

I've completed my 3 runs of week 3. All in the snow and cold. :)

I'm now debating whether or not to move on to week 4. Week 3 has been much more of a challenge and it does seem like a bigger jump between weeks 3 and 4 than previous weeks, but on the other hand, I've found the second half of the run has been easier than the first, almost as if my body is protesting at first but then settles down, so I'm wondering if the longer run won't actually be as hard as it sounds.

At the moment, I think I'm going to try week 4. I'm terribly impatient and I want to run for 20 minutes NOW not in a couple of weeks time! If it all goes horribly wrong I can always go back to week 3 for a couple of extra runs.


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22 Replies

  • Give Week 4 a go. I found it too much of a step up at my first attempt but after going away to lick my wounds, I did it okay next time out. Tough, sure but I did it.

    I think you'll find you can too.

  • Thanks for the support!

    I figure even if I can't do it, it'll give me an idea of how far off I am.

  • Yes do give it a go. At worst you can repeat it but only if you cannot complete the run or really feel you need to. You will be amazed at what your body and mind can do. I am doing longer runs now and still find my body takes a little while to adapt and get into the run. I think it is the same for many others, sometimes you get cement legs too lol but don't let that stop you either ;) once you can relax and breathe through these offerings of your body and know that you are ok to come through them like last time and the time before I think it gives you more confidence over what can come up during the run. Well at least it did for me.

    I hope that makes sense and does not sound to "preachy"

    Go for it! I look forward to reading about your success......

  • "Preachy" is that even a word lol....

  • Thanks! Not preachy at all. :)

  • Yes, you'll probably be fine if you find the second half of runs ok - a lot of us have come to the conclusion that finding the 2nd half ok is a strong suggestion of the issue being more in the mind than in the legs! Getting going, especially in the cold, is hard work, and our minds try to sneak us out of it!

  • I've been giving myself a little pep talk and focusing on my goals in the walking interval before the second 3 minute run so you're probably right its all mental and with enough motivation I'll hopefully be able to do it.

  • Go for it!!!! The mind can challenge us with all kinds of doubts. As long as you've finished all prior runs, your body is physically ready. Good luck!!! Gayle

  • Thanks!

  • I really believe like all the good people have said before me, that your body IS ready, it is the pesky mind saying no no no no. I really thought during the first few minutes of every run so far, that I would not be able to make it.

    Well so far my body has kicked my mind's ass, not hard I do concur your Honour.

    So go for it, you really know you want to.

    All the best


  • Thanks! I'm getting more confident that with the right attitude I'll be able to do it. :)

  • do it, do it, do it - you are right the second half of the run is easier (well I think so too anyway) once your body is nicely warmed up and in the 'zone', so definitely give week 4 a go - keep it slow and steady and I think you will be absolutely fine :-)

  • I'll give it a try tomorrow. :)

  • I completed W3R3 yesterday, but only did 2 minutes of the second 3-minute run as it was uphill. I haven't been out for a few days because of the snow/ice and I didn't want to break anything. I did another 3-minute run on the way home as I'd done the C25K run on the way to the cinema and brisk-walked home.

    I think I will go on to week four though rather nervous at the prospect of a 5-minute run!

  • Good luck on your week 4! I'm going to have a go at it tomorrow, fingers crossed!

  • Well done! I'm at the same stage as you, completing W3 last night in the snow. You know the weather is bad when your footprints in the snow have been covered over by the time you return.

    Bit scared about W4 now I hear the comments but will keep going. I'm amazed at what we can achieve. Let's do it!!

  • I'll look forward to hearing about your week 4 success after I've posted about mine tomorrow! ;)

  • Okay, week four it is tomorrow morning - eeek!

  • My W4R1 is Saturday, I have been having the same reaction to the step up that's coming... think it's just a mental block though.

    Am going to give it a go and see what happens... hope it went well gingernut49 and nativestar!

  • I started week 4 today and completed the first run. I think it is mostly mental. It pushed me but not so far that I really didn't think I could do it.

    Good luck for Saturday!

  • Week 4 run 1 yesterday morning and my only "What?????!" moment was when Laura said I'd done two and a half minutes and I thought she was about to tell me to slow down! Having said that, I got through the first five minutes and found the second five minute run easier. My next run will be Sunday morning and I'm hoping it will not seem so hard. Onwards and upwards!

  • I had that same moment! I was waiting for her to say I had a minute left not two and a half! I just knuckled down and tried not to think about how much time had gone by.

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