Week 9 Run 3

When I started this programme I had my doubts as to whether I would be able to complete it, but I can now look back at that time and grin with achievement!

Because, yeap, I comfortably finished my final run of C25K!

To be honest it feels like a bit of an anticlimax! Maybe because I've already done the 30 minutes twice already! It certain didn't have the 'OMG! SUCCESS!!!' factor that Week 5 Run 3 had, where there was that first non-stop run...but that doesn't mean this run wasn't without it's own minor successes, too!

First off, I completed it in what I refer to as 'Hard Mode' (AKA on two types of painkillers and at my weakest). Secondly, I got into a comfortable pace much earlier than my previous few runs (which made the entire second half of the run much easier). Thirdly, I've extended the distance I ran on each 30 minute run (the same route each time) so there is visible improvement.

Finally, this is the first run since Week 5 where my right foot didn't go numb near the end!

Going onwards I think I shall continue doing 30 minute runs until I feel like I've made a suitable increase in pace (measurable by where I finish my route). Then I may try extending the time in order to reach the 5K (I'm nowhere near it right now). I don't have an accurate way of tracking my distance right now, though.

But, anyway, I feel good about myself and what I've achieved!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me encouragement and thank you to all of you for posting your own journeys and leaving advice and experience for us to follow! I hope my own posts help other people complete this programme!


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  • Congratulations. Stage One complete.......now for the rest of your running career.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you! I definitely intend to keep at it-I'm already irritated that my work Christmas party is forcing me to run on Sunday instead of my normal Saturday run this week! When running comes first in my routine I think I'm set!

  • Fantastic, well done on completing the programme. Enjoy your success, in fact take a bit of time to wallow in it, you deserve it.

  • Thank you! I wish I had time to wallow, but I need to go and do some Christmas baking now...maybe time for a short victory dance between batches!

  • Really well done. It's a great achievement. Tell Santa you want a Garmin.

  • I looked at those and was kind of taken aback at the cost! Perhaps when I prove that I can keep this up!

  • I was lucky someone on here mentioned the Tesco boost vouchers thing so I got mine half price with my birthday money but I think today was the last day (21st Dec) to exchange vouchers. You may still be able to do it on line. I know what you mean though. It did feel a bit like a mid life crisis purchase but I don't regret it,

  • Hi, well done! I've got one run to go, very excited about running just because i feel like and not because i need to complete the runs in the programme but it has been phenomenal. I use this website to work out how far i have run gp.mapometer.com it's really easy to use.

    I'm a long way from 5k too but plan to bulld up hopefully over time. Good luck with your post C25K running!

  • Oh, that's really helpful! Thanks for the link! (I'm doing about 3.27km at the moment...quite a way to go but at least I know I'm improving!) And good luck with your final run of the programme!

  • Hi Natalie01

    Thanks for the link to gp.mapometer.com - I've been trying to work out from Googlemaps how far I'm running but it's not very user friendly. The mapometer site is great - just what I've been looking for.

  • Congratulations Great achievement Have lovely Christmas remember and get you graduation badge

  • Opps, forgot about the badge! Thank you, and have a great Christmas!

  • Brilliant news, many congratulations to our latest graduate! Sounds as if you've overcome some hurdles along the way, too - good for you - you'll be an inspiration to others who are a few runs behind you. ;)

    Enjoy your Christmas, and know that a slight change of schedule for running is now yours to decide upon. Onwards and upwards now towards an even more amazing 2014! :D

  • It was a struggle but this forum truly did help me whenever I had doubts. Just reading other people's posts helped me see that I wasn't alone or going through anything that wasn't possible to overcome!

  • Yay, congratulations! A comfortable final run! That's fantastic. I hope to get to that stage too. Keep grinning and running! :)

  • Well...comfortable after the first 5 minutes (where I worked on getting into pace!). Good luck with your own runs, I'm sure you'll do great!

  • Congratulations on completing the programme. Good luck with your future running. Best wishes.

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