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Week 2 Run 3 had to stop the pain in my knees and ankles was unbearable


I am new here, this is my first post. I was so upset last night really thought I would be ok to run. I have never ran before and need to get more active. Week 1 was fine, Week 2 :( Invested in a good pair of running shoes but made no difference. Not sure what to do now.... even considered getting a running machine as I have heard they have less impact on your legs. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi I’m a newbie as well. Also, in my second week. From reading other runners’ post did you take the 90 sec run really slowly? As that’s what I’m doing.

I presently run on tarmac and found it ok so far. Also, you need to include a rest day to recover. You could try warming up by stretching before your warm up walk and after your run. I love the outdoors. Just try on your run 3.


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Hiya, It was literally the first run after 5 minute warm up walk. Maybe the stretching before warm up will help. Gutted I want to do this so bad !!! Not giving up, will let you know how i get on. Plan to get some knee supports also.


Hi Hissie, it is normal to have some aches and pains in the first few weeks when you are new to running, but you shouldn’t be in agony. Check with a doctor if the pain persists. It might help if you allow yourself some extra warmup time, maybe 10 minutes brisk walk at the beginning of the end instead of five. If week one went well, maybe you could repeat that to help build up the muscles around your knees. Cycling is good for building up muscle strength too, if you have a bike.

Have you read the pinned post for new runners? There is lots of good information there.

Good luck! If you keep posting, we will cheer you on! 😄



What a shame I had a similar experience on week 2 I hurt my knee no real reason it was just sore but I tried to persevere with my running. This was a big mistake. I went for another run after a rest day and had to hobble home I was so disappointed. I rested until the pain went away and then started again from week 1. I am now on week 4 and no knee pain at all. My advice would be rest until the pain goes away completely otherwise you end up being out for a lot longer

Take care of yourself and I think although frustrating you have to listen to your body x

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Hi Archer1, Yes I think I need to listen to me body. The pain in my knee is still there along with ankle pain. This has caused me to walk funny so now my back is out. Gutted but not giving up :)

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Good for you don't give up it might take a few weeks to get right but to be honest since I rested my knees they have been fine with no problems. I was smelling the place out with deep heat and my work colleagues could smell me before they saw me. Thankfully the deep heat is now in the cupboard and I hope that is where it will stay :)


Be very careful with your knees, l wasn’t and l paid for it very early on, couldn’t run for months. My problem were the shoes, although new they were completely inappropriate and I didn’t get them through gait analysis. I didn’t have insoles which left me without proper support and out of balance. And finally, l ran harder and faster, even skipping a rest day. Recognise any of that?

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