Week 2 Run 3

Week 2 Run 3

Okay, so I've got to be honest and say that Week Two has been a bit of a mess. Everything sort of went out of the window this week. Running, healthy eating, motivation. But somehow in the midst of all that I managed to do the three runs needed and even had a really great run for run three. Tuesday and Friday marked runs one and two, one around the Marina in Exmouth and one around my area of Exeter. Run one involved a lot of hills which I did not appreciate.

When it came to doing run three last night, my mind kept trying to tell me to put it off, to do it in the morning instead. In the end I ignored all these thoughts, knowing that if I put it off I was likely to just give up at some point and I didn't want to do that. So I changed into my running clothes, grabbed my iPod and forced myself out the door.

The five minute walk was fine, I used it to make a decision about the route I would run. And when the first run came, along with it came a near unbearable burning sensation in my calves. Somehow I got through that run but I was sure that I wouldn't make it to the end of this run though. However, stubbornness (and the fact that Ii didn't want to tell my running partner that I failed) forced me to continue.

The second run was nowhere near as bad and the third run was only really a problem because part of it was uphill. After the third run when Laura told me "You might be feeling a bit tired now" I knew that marked half way so I turned around, if I went at the same speed I would end at my house. Usually at halfway I need my inhaler, asthma is a bugger, but at this point I didn't even think about taking my inhaler.

It wasn't until after run four that I thought about it, and then I realised I didn't need it. That must be a sign I was getting fitter if I wasn't gasping for my inhaler part way through? Runs four and five past without event, then Laura finally announced that I had one run left and I felt great. I started running, counting in my head. I always count too slowly because then there's always less time left that I think. One of the houses I past had a man coming out to walk his dog and I found myself running faster, taking longer strides as if to just prove to the only person I had past that I could run well. I managed, somehow, to keep those strides up to the end of the run.

When Laura told me to stop, I felt triumphant. I literally punched the air with both hands. Not only had I done it when I felt like Ii wouldn't get through it, but I had had a wonderful run and I felt like I was getting into better shape. It put me in a wonderful mood and when I got home I found myself signing up for a 5K run in June to raise money for Children's Hospice South West. So roll on June.


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13 Replies

  • Well done. That's the spirit!

    Take it steady, avoid over-striding and you'll be fine. Going slowly helps with the breathing, saves you getting puffed out and lessens the chance of straining something

    Keep going come what may and by week 9 you'll be laughing 😊

  • Thank you misswobble. I'm really looking forward to starting week three and continuing. I'm so excited to be doing a 5k run in June as well. It's great motivation to keep going!

  • Great idea. The 5k race post-graduation will really keep you on track.

  • That's what I'm thinking! Really excited for it!

  • Good to have a goal to keep up the motivation.

    Good stuff.

  • Thanks! Im really excited about it!

  • Well done. That's the way! You'll be amazed at how quickly you improve. I started C25K ten weeks ago to the day. In the last 2 weeks or so, I've run 5k or more 8 times, ran in my first Parkrun on Saturday, and most amazing of all, ran 10k today!

    If I can do it, almost anyone can!

  • That's fantastic! Congrats on 10k!!!

  • Well done! As MW says, take it steady and don't push too hard. Short strides are gooood, (but then I've only got short legs) :-)

  • ahah my legs aren't the longest either. But often my strides are so short it's a wonder I'm moving forward, so when I can push for longer it's good.

  • Whilst it's good to have a goal, you must take it one run at a time and not get ahead of yourself. Whilst I am sure most people who run regularly will eventually be able to run 5k, lots of people (maybe most?) aren't running that far in 30 minutes at the end of week 9. Especially those of us with short legs! So keep the routine but don't worry about your speed or distance, it's doing the time that matters v

  • To be honest, I'm planning on doing the run because it's a load of fun, and there's someone I know doing it, and even if I can't run it all or it takes a lot longer than 30 minutes, I'll have done it and raised money for a good cause so I'll feel good about it.

  • Well done! Im on week two and just signed up for a 5k in June as well :) x

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