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Week 1 Run 3

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Yes Oldfloss! I'm a lone wolf! Went out this evening to my local park with Laura and the podcast and enjoyed it so much more than the 2 days spent at the pitch in the leisure centre! I really do prefer my own company and no pressure but I'm not really alone as I know I have you all for support!! I will use the leisure centre for other things on my rest day as someone suggested but definitely not this is. I had a super time out this evening thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to Tuesday! 😊

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My previous attempts included trying a gym-based running group and several clubs. Each time I was left totally humiliated and alone, because no one else ran as slowly as me. The stress of trying to keep up with the group and the demotivation when I failed caused me eventually to give up trying and simultaneously to give up running. Now I'm back, much older, very much bolshier and knowing I am doing this for me, and that competing against myself gives the best reward. That's not to say I don't get neurotic at times about being slow, but I am gradually learning to deal with it :)

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That is exactly how I felt on the first 2 runs with the group! I've been here before and made it to week 7 then a lot happened and I had to stop it always did go alone but this time I thought it would be nice to start off again with like minded people but I was so wrong! Thank you so much for your reply it just said everything 😊

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That is fantastic.... I am happiest when it is just me.. ( with everyone here, obviously, running with me ) :)

I am really glad you enjoyed your run...it sounds splendid:) xx

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It was!! πŸ˜†

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I agree running alone (plus you guys in here of course!) is best but not sure about the wolf??

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Maybe lone bear would be better πŸ˜†

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JelonGraduate in reply to

Definitely more cuddly! πŸ˜€

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Hey Hidden I haven't see you for a while, hope you're doing okay lovely. I'm a bit of a solo girlio myself, lol, mainly because I cannot run or jog and talk at the same time as I'm gasping for air 🀣🀣

So glad you're enjoying it though, I still have to post my last week's run on the last day we had the lovely sunshine. Look forward to seeing more posts from you and well done xx

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Thanx 😊

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Fab Sooty..I’m a lone runner too...I do the occasional park run but only because it’s across the road, I don’t think I’d go looking for one...

Sounds like it suits you down to the ground πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

Thanx I will let you know how 2moro goes but I'm feeling very positive 😊😊

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I like running on my own too. Like you say you run at your own pace and don’t end up comparing yourself with others which is human nature. I work full time and am always on the go so my runs are my alone time to just listen to my favourite tunes and have some time to switch off from everything

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