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Week 7 Run 1 done

Decided to change from early morning to early evening run today.

So off I went at 5.30 in the rain and wind, decided to listen to Laura and alter the route slightly, thought my legs may work better this evening as I've been struggling with first few minutes lately, but not really a great difference.

Still struggling with the inclines, not sure I can call them hills. But anyway I carried on slow and steady, speeded up a bit in way back as its down hill, and managed the 25 minutes with no stopping, even managed to speed up for last minute.

Still cannot believe how far I've come..... Still a way to go, and the speed and pace I hope will follow later. Will I always have the beetroot face though😡

Enjoyed my run in the rain..... Here's to the next two this week...

Just wondered if anyone can advise on using a foam roller read that it's good for getting all the tension and knots out so I bought one, not sure I'm doing as web advises, as it hurts.... Anyone got any advice?

Thanks 😊

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Well done Radleychick, almost there.

Can't help with your foam roller question but am interested to see what others say about it as I was wondering if it worth getting one.

Keep up the good work, you'll be there before you know it.


Thanks pushing 60


Well done... as I understand it from hopping through posts the foam rollers do hurt - but I've never used one. Good luck with the rest of it, nearly there.

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Well done with the run. I think if you are doing some slight uphill you are doing well. Definitely the bits that I find really hard and the mental challenge to keep going. I read about foam rollers. It said they hurt to start with. Not sure why they start to not hurt though. Maybe you just become accustomed to the pain? Would like to know if they work though. Would love a good massage instead. If I won the lottery I would have a massage after every run. Just think . . .aaahhh!


Thanks Dddd oh how I wish I could have a daily massage ☺️.....for now I will persevere with the roller and see if I can get the knack..... But #ullyrunner doesn't think the pain lessens......😁 if they work I will keep trying though..


Sounds like things are going well. Foam rollers are instruments of the devil! You're doing it right if it hurts - but it really does help those muscles so grin and bear it! Not sure it does ever get less painful either....


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