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W3R1. New shoes. Blister 😖


I’m surprised at how easily I made the jump to 3 mins runs especially after my initial struggle last week to the increase to 90 secs. Felt good.

Went off on my journey to get my gait analysis done yesterday. Lovely people in Up And Running in Basingstoke we’re so helpful to a novice who has no idea what I needed. Came back with these beauties. I’d never heard of On before but they are so very comfortable and lightweight it like wearing socks.

Small issue. I got a blister on my left heel, it is my smaller foot so no surprise it’s the foot that got the blister. Next run I’ll put the laces in to see if that makes a difference. Off to get some blister plasters later today.

Any other blister suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you wearing running socks? Also im not sure what you mean by put the laces in? It may be worth you looking up the ‘heel lock’ lacing technique.

To be honest I would be tempted to take them back to the shop and discuss the fit.


That doesn't seem right that's why you have gait analysis so you don't get blisters.

I have never had blisters from any pair of running shoes.

And yes I agree wear running socks.

Thanks for the replies. The shoes came fitted with elastics, which I ran with today. I’ve now fitted my laces with the heel lock technique and they feel more secure. I’m ordering running socks!

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Yes I think you’ve found the answer. Never heard of elastic - the shop must use them to make it easier for trying on . But my shop laced mine up and watched me run in them, then when I said I could feel the heel moving they did the runners lock and it was better . They also laced them tighter than I had done myself.


If they are too tight with socks you need to take them back and get another member of staff to check them.

I use On Running shoes too (swear by them) but never had a blister from the shoes. Although I have had a blister from Teva sandles. The best answer is Compeed extreme blister plasters, they really work miracles and help you to keep running regardless of the blister. Good luck :-)

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