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anti blister socks help please

am gradually building on my long run & today ran 7.5miles, only to find at the end of it that I have a blister on the inside of my heel, about 1cm above the bottom of my foot. I have been wearing karrimor ankle socks that I bought from sports direct & have never had a blister from running before. I did run for 92mins today, more than I have ever run before but am gutted that I now have a blister.

please help. can you recommend another make of sock? perhaps a two skin sock?

thought I would ask other runners as these recommendations will be better than any reviews I can find online :)

thankyou for any help in advance. shelley x

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Hi Shelley i buy MoreMile running socks from Amazon About £7-8 for 2 pair pack, they are sized too which is great for my little feet.


thanks oldgirl. Ill have a look into these for my poorly running feet :)

oldgirl, do you have a name? feels rude calling you oldgirl!


I bought some RunBreeze twin-skin socks, also from Amazon, after getting blisters and losing a toenail on a longer run. I had no problems with blisters after that.


have just ordered some from ebay. will see how they work. thanks for the heads up. x


I can vouch for the Runbreeze double-layered socks!


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