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New shoes

I finally ventured into a running shop today to replace my running shoes that I bought on week 2. So they are not old! The difference in the new shoes is very marked, no wonder i have injured my foot, there is no cushioning at all in my old shoes. I could feel a crack in the pavement!! I can't now!! So my advice? Get someone who knows what they are talking about to help!!! it is cheaper in the long run.

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Cloudchaser, did you buy locally? (knowing you are a Killerton Parkrunner)


How odd! I replied to you mr truffles but its vanished?

Yes I bought in Exeter, Ironbridge Runner, bloke was very diplomatic about my current shoes


Magic.... it's back. Was there a significant difference in price between your old and new shoes? Only time will tell whether they are better, I suppose. I am curious, because my shoes are only two and a half months old and served me fine during C25k but I am out of action this week after my Killerton exertions. I think advanced age means you need to cosset your feet to avoid injury. As you say, if they are good, it is a small price to pay in the long run. That's just what I need now.......a long run. FRUSTRATION!!


Oh dear!! I didn't stop running which was probably a mistake, but I really don't want my fitness to slip, I know... I KNOW!!! Haha!

My old shoes were hitec, £39.99 I can see you all rolling your eyes but I didn't know if I would carry on. New ones are Adidas, I can't remember which but they were £75. The soles are thicker, more rigid. The old ones soles on the ball of the foot (where my issue lay) is about 2mm max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Road test of new shoes- wow not having to worry about stones was wonderful, my legs did feel heavier and the shoes don't flex as much but I did a faster longer run and was not reduced to tears by hitting a pebble!


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