How do you clean your shoes ?

I'm naughty - when they start looking really grubby I chuck them in the washing machines and they come out looking like new.

This last time though, I think I may have messed up some of the padding as they seem to feel a bit lumpy around the toes and I've now got a small blister on one toe and a big blood blister under the nail on the other foot - remarkably, I've got this far without having had blisters before ! Really, my shoes probably need replacing soon but I think I'll have to re-think my cleaning method as it would be a shame to ruin a newer pair of shoes.


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20 Replies

  • I don't clean them lol! Wait for the mud to dry and just bang it off!

  • Have only cleaned the soles when I ran on the grass & stepped on some doggy poo!

  • I read somewhere it doesn't do them any good putting them through the washing machine......anyway that's my excuse for filthy shoes:-)

  • I just love having trainers that actually look like they are truly used for their purpose (all my old ones looked like new coz never used them that much!)

  • I sometimes run the soles under the tap, trying not to get the main part of the shoes wet ,but mostly just let them dry and then hit them against the wall in the garden to dislodge the mud.

    Your post took me back to the day I first had to run through muddy puddles and got my lovely gleaming newish shoes dirty, I was a bit miffed at first. Up until then I had run indoors and then in dry freezing weather on pavement around Swansea Marina. So running on a wet canal path was a bit of a shock, but the beautiful scenery and birdsong helped me get over the "trauma" :-)

    I am proud of how much they look like a "proper" runner's shoes now!

  • So I should just stop cleaning them then ? Cool !

    I have too much of a liking for muddy routes, I think, and they don't mix with white trainers. My new pair, that I have yet to try out, are trail shoes and dark grey so they probably won't look as manky with a bit of dirt.

    What I should also do is have a separate pair of shoes for gym and keep my running shoes for outdoors.

  • I don't go to the gym itself much now I have learned to love running outdoors but when I go to my Body Pump class, I wear a cheap pair of Reeboks bought in Sports Direct, cos running shoes "give" too much. If I do go back to running on the treadmill there (eg when it gets too icy underfoot - probably in August!) I will proudly wear my manky running shoes!

  • I had to Febreeze mine yesterday after running through lakes (big puddles) and on muddy tracks..... They were stinking!!! They smell fresh now though :)

  • I just stick mine out in the garage to dry off, then bang them together over the bin to get excess dried mud if there is any off them. But I have to say I don't like new looking trainers I like old well travelled ones.

  • I've had mine (Adidas ladies 20) through the machine machine twice - the latest being after running through the water coming out of the water treatment plant yesterday. I take the insoles out and wash on a minimum wash with kindwash not bio detergent. Always have something else in the machine with them. So far they are fine. From what I've read it may depend on how much fancy gels are in the soles.

  • I wash mine with soap-nuts, I never use bio for anything. I might do them in the sink in future though - I think the battering in the machine may affect the padding.

  • To minimize the stink without damaging the shoes, you can put a baking powder in a little piece of gauze, or even dust the insides with baking powder (take the insoles out first) if you don't mind having the powder stay. Wash the outsides with a damp cloth. Air dry. I spent more money on my runners than any other pair of shoes I have ever owned - which says a bit about my fashion sense, but never mind - so I take care of my runners.

    I may start using them less kindly once they are too old for running, but still ok for walking around in.

  • I wear minimalist, wash off in cold water under the tap and then put them out on the front step to dry. The plughole gets blocked with all the peaty stuff that comes off them!

  • I'm a 'dry and bang the mud off' girl.

  • I bought a grey pair of trainers to hide the dirt, but I bang and go them to get excess off once dried and also use a dry brush.

  • I've been using a car hub brush to clean mine with. They do get wet in this weather don't they - worried incase I get trench foot! :)

  • Yes, I keep getting wet and muddy - just not sure it's always "just" mud :-)

  • Know what you mean. When avoiding some "mud"; I've wondered what the hell animal it could be?? Horse it aint :)

  • I like mine muddy!!

  • Punch do a trainer cleaner, I normally use that and warm water under the tap. Tey not emerse them completely in water simply as it then takes too long for them to dry.

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