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Why am i getting a blister??

Hey all,

Since week 4 I have been getting a blister in the same spot after each run. I have tried adjusting my socks, different ones, checking the way i run...but it still happens. The blister is on my right foot down the inside below the balls of my feet. I love my trainers and hope its not them as they have helped me so much with getting rid of leg and shin pain.

Any suggestions?

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Sometimes your feet just need to toughen up in order to deal with the additional running you're doing. I had similar problems to start with. Try Lanacane over the blistering area and possibly taping it up with micropore. Worked for me.


Have you tried blister socks? They comprise of 2 layers of fabric, one of which moves with you foot, the other with your trainers. I got mine from sweatshop but I believe that Sainsbury sells them or just google anti-blister socks. Ive been using them since day 1 with brand new trainers with no problems at all.


make sure you haven't any hard skin on your feet. You can get blisters where the hard skin joins the softer skin so check carefully and pamper your feet :)


I used to get blisters when I was a hill walker, not surprising seeing as we used to walk about 20 miles some days! We always swore by surgical spirit, wash feet well and dry, then dab blistered area with cotton wool pad soaked in surgical spirit. Don't cover the area let the air to it. Hope that helps. Compeed pads are very good too, they act like a protective skin and should stay on for 4-5 days even when in the shower. Can get them in most chemists or larger supermarkets.


Vaseline! That's what I used. I was getting blisters forming on the bottom of my heels so I lagged them in Vaseline before putting my socks on did this for a few runs and they've been fine since.:)

I think my feet toughened up in the end.


Just using compeed (from the chemist ) , you can keep it on for days until the blister is healed. I got mine walking without socks on recently and the compeed has now been on for 3 days, despite daily showers.


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