W3R1 with new shoes

W3R1 with new shoes

I've been excited to start week 3 since my last run on Friday. Decided to wait until I got fitted for shoes. Went in on Monday and they confirmed I over pronate a lot and had to get what sounded like some of the most support they have in a shoe (Asics Kayano). Since they didn't have my size in stock, I had to wait a day for them to come and thus postpone the start of week 3.

It started off well. The shoes felt great and had good support. The first two runs went well. The third run made me realize I was pushing my pace a little too much, putting too much stock in the new shoes. The final 3 min run was a little tough, but I made it and appreciated the 8 min of cool down walking.

When I was getting fitted for the shoes, the guy told me that it takes a while for the different muscles to strengthen enough to compensate for the pronation. After the run, I realized how true that was because my ankles were still a bit sore and got tougher to bend by the last run. I started thinking that maybe I need to think about strengthening my ankles a bit with some extra exercises to help. I did some quick searching and found some options, but anyone have ones they'd recommend?

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  • I am sorry, I don't have any ankle strengthening exercises. I just want to say - new shoes call for a picture. ๐Ÿ“ธ

  • Wow, you read my mind!

  • Haha, sorry. I wrote this on my phone originally and couldn't get the photo uploaded on there so had to come back on my laptop.

  • Nice ones!

  • Nice shoes.

  • Lovely shoes...:)

    I exercise my ankles, like my Nan taught me when I was small!

    I think there may be posh/ correct, names for some of them now, but... sitting on a chair, stretch toes away from the knee and then pull them up towards the knee, then point inwards, then outwards, then circling motions! She did it, because she thought it helped with her rheumatism, she taught me because I thought it looked like fun, I still sit and do these at odd times, if my legs or ankles are tired, even now!!

    Also, some of the Strength and Flex exercises on the NHS site are useful too! :)

  • Wow, Gel Kayanos! Cost a bomb but they are very popular. My mates wears nothing else and she is a road rocket

    Not that I advocate rocket power for you cos I don't. Not at this stage of the game anyway. Go nice and steady. Slow is good and will deliver you safely to Graduation

    Other exercise is good, not just exercising your ankles etc. Walking, swimming, cycling, gym floor stuff, weights etc all helps. Calf strengthening exercises can be found on the internet but just go steady! If you're new to exercise you just have to take things gently to avoid getting injured

  • Nice shoes and a fine pair of legs! Keep it slow and steady at this stage while you build up, and especially when adjusting to new shoes. Any form of strengthening exercises are great on rest days and will really help your running.

  • Cooo , Blue heaven !

    Love 'em , hope they make you feel as if youre running on little fluffy pillows :-) xxx

  • When I tried them on at the store and jumped on the treadmill there with them, they definitely felt like fluffy pillows under my feet. :D

  • Sounds great , a match made in heaven :-) xxx

  • very smart

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