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1st run after Graduation

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Well got to 5k, took 50 mins including warm up and cool down, going to keep working on that see if I can bring the time down. Happy running everyone 😊

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Well done Lola - keep hammering away at it!

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Blimey! That’s some jump in duration. Hope you haven’t hurt anything. 👏👏

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Lola333Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

The 5k includes 5min warm up, 5min Cool down, and 5min walk after 30mins continuous run, it’s not 5k all running, thought I try and get the 5k distance then work on upping the speed and bringing the time down, if that makes sense 😆 I’m not sure if that’s the best approach, or maybe it’s better to be trying to go faster within the 30min run? Wonder what everyone else does to get nearer the 5k if not done in within the C25K programme? Any tips would be appreciated 😊xxx

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Lola333

Phew. Glad you didn’t run it all.

I was well short of 5k at 30 minutes so I decided to grow one run a week by 10%, so I went 33, 36, 40 and planned to go to 44 and hit 5k. In the end I extended my 40 “by accident” and carried on to 5k.

Now I’m doing two 4k (about 33 minute) runs and one 5k each week.

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Lola333Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

That’s a great plan, for my next run I’ll try 33min run, today I did 5 warm up ran for 30 walked for 5 then ran for another 5 then had the 5 min cool down, but I’ll aim to extend the 30 to 33 and maybe try go a little faster, after today’s 30 I felt I could do more that’s why I did another 5min run so maybe it is time to up the pace a little, thanks Jay xx

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Lola333

Advice I got was extend duration or pace, not both at once. The weeks after graduation see a spike in injuries because we push ourselves too hard. Take it steady - there is no rush to 5k.

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Lola333Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks guys, ok next run 33mins same pace, and recording only running distance 😬🐌 I don’t want to get injured at this stage xx

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Well done Lola, steady progress and, yes, “what Jay said” for the best way to get to 5k 😀

By the way, I was originally including my warm-up/cool-down walks in my overall runs, as recorded on Strava, but at some point around graduation, I stopped doing that, and started/stopped Strava when I started/stopped running... so that I could see a record of just the actual running.

Everyone’s different of course, and probably no right or wrong, but if it helps, that’s what worked best for me.

Keep it up 😀😀👏👏🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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Lola333Graduate in reply to HoagyM

Thanks great advice xx

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Dexy5Graduate in reply to Lola333

Ditto everything said above. We are so lucky to have such good advice on this forum- it’s certainly helped me on this journey. Enjoy your 5ks Lola

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Well done Lola! 😀👍 I was also tracking my whole 40 mins to see how far I could get. I found it reassuring. I did use my Fitbit to track just the run and my phone app to track the whole thing but I know I can add just under 1k on for the walks so have recently stopped doing that. I wanted to be able to see more just of the running stats.

Happy running 🏃‍♀️😀

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Lola333Graduate in reply to Saartjie

Thanks, it’s really interesting to hear what everyone else is doing, I’m going to do the same just count the running bit, and maybe keep walking on the cool down to get 5k, and hopefully at some point the walking will be less as the running increases over time 😊xx

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Well done Lola keep going your doing amazing 😊

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