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Park run - 1st after Graduation (no.2 in reality) PB

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Felt like a real struggle today fo some reason - got down on my self for how fast every one else was running - but in the end told myself to just get on with it, and ended up with a new PB 33:46 - 1:45 faster than last time - so edging towards the magic 30mins. Yeah - but legs huuuuuurt!

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Well done mate, good time.

Blooming good time, well done you...

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Wow, well done!! The first I did a park run I felt useless! All the gazelles were bouncing past me & I felt like an old freight train!! The next one I did was much better after having a word with myself & getting a few virtual kicks up the butt!! You’ve done brilliantly..& the experience you get from a park run is amazing..beating your PB too?! There’s no stopping go rest those weary legs!!!

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RunForestRGraduate in reply to Mummycav

I know - it's my mental side not the experience itself - I'm perfectly comfortable running by myself - and feeling like I'm making progress - unfortunately put me with 200 people who look like they've run all there lives I tend to be my harshest critic. But not dwelling - more consolidation runs to do and in a few weeks time I'll take a crack at another one. Like the Graduate badge btw. very snazzy

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MummycavModerator in reply to Mummycav

Lol....we are our own worst enemies sometimes...but you should be proud instead, you’re brilliant....

I’m liking the graduate badge you think it suits me? 190 replies I had on my graduation post! Unbelievable....such lovely folk on here x

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Streeeeeeetch and roll... well done you, but at the risk of being a complete pain ( as usual I hear you say) .....Just slow down a will come.. that 30 minute PB..if you ease up and get lots of practice 30 minute consolidation will come:)

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RunForestRGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Don't worry OF was sensible - even walked a bit in two places - so no over doing things here. and just to reassure have done two consolidation runs prior to this and won't be doing another PR for at least another two week, so lots of consolidation in advance of the next time.

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Good work old chap! It's an odd experience when you're suddenly faced with loads of people when you're used to running on your own! Would I be right in thinking that you were at the most easterly parkrun in the UK?! I have an idea that I've seen you!

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RunForestRGraduate in reply to lardofale

I suspect you have - and I think you ran past me on one of the circuits last weekend. Orange shirt - you, bright fluorescent shirt (and red face) me. How did you do?

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lardofaleGraduate in reply to RunForestR

Yep that was me! I managed 29:52, was my 5th Parkrun there and have reduced my time every week so far. I even managed to run up that nasty little slope twice, saps the legs a bit!

I noticed another Couch to 5K name on the results list, good time mate. No doubt have a chat there sometime.

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Yes - first time I ran there I ran the slope both times, this time out for whatever reason not quite feeling it, so walked up and then ran after that. Still faster than first time, so next time out I'll see how I feel.

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