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Well that didn’t go so well. Having run 30 minutes instead of 25 on Thursday morning because I felt good and wanted to push it, I decided to be good today and do the 25 as prescribed by Laura.

After the half way mark my left calf started to niggle. It had done this a week ago but resolved or so I thought. Playing and losing a tennis match on horrible hard courts on Thursday didn’t help.

So I soldiered on with today’s run but after the 25 minutes were up the calf had pretty much seized. Walking home wasn’t fun and then I had to go out and walk on it for another hour as I had committed to a thing locally ages ago.

I iced the muscle (it’s not a big one, just on the inside half way down) but it hasn’t helped.

Can anyone suggest how long I should lay off the run? I understand I will have to repeat Week 7 when I restart which is annoying but hey ho.

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Oh no! What a shame! Sorry I can’t offer any advice but hope you heal quickly. I’m sure it is just a minor setback - even the pro’s get injuries.

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You won’t need to repeat the week - you completed the run.

Clearly don’t run until it is no longer painful. If that takes up to a couple of weeks then carry on to W8. If it takes longer than that, try repeating W7R3 and see how you manage.

Probably wise to seek advice from a sports physio - if it has been niggling there may be something going on you need to address.

I hope it calms down quickly for you.

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Thank you - I will phone the physio on Monday for an urgent appointment. I think it probably just needs some deep tissue massage. It I’ll rest for a little while and that pick up where I left off.


Oh... I forgot my deep tissue massage in my reply... exquisite torture... good job my Physio guy was really cute:)

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Roll it well... and gentle stretching may help..if there is any pain after a few days..do not run..!

The tennis will really not have helped at all...

I had a micro tear... and even after doing everything to recover, correctly, was still on the IC for quite a while... after Sports Physio and acupuncture treatment... Calf injuries so easy to get.. and not easy to detect..

Any doubt, get it checked out.. a sports physio will give you a diagnosis...:)


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