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W7R3: third time lucky 😁


I first ran this last Monday but had to stop after 21 minutes with a painful right calf. Tried again on Wednesday but stopped after 11 minutes with more pain. After an extra recovery day, a go on a foam roller and effectively having had 2 “practice runs” I finally succeeded today! I ran so gently I realised after 10 minutes I was bearly out of breath and could have gone on for longer than the 25 minutes - but having been on this forum for 7 weeks I know better than to do that 😆

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Barely out of breath - no 🐻 in Bussage!


Well done Dozydoughnut - knowing you could have gone longer will help you mentally prepare for week 8


Great running... nice to hear the calf played nicely today. You now you had more so you know you got week 8... enjoy.

I had 3 calf strains wks 8 & 9.

Used ice and roller with specific calf stretches, and still do the stretches daily. Also slowed my pace. This has all helped; now a month on going further and faster.

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Thanks for sharing your experience- it’s good to know others who are further ahead have been through the same. Based on what you say I think I will stick with the slower pace for the next 2 runs and keep up the stretches/foam roller work. My calf strain is still there slightly (5-10%) and I don’t want it to flare up. Your comments show that could happen if I’m not careful and maintain awareness of the discomfort.

My strain was in the right calf. I have more wear on that shoe heel so wonder if I push or stretch more on that side, or if that muscle is just tighter. Since regular stretches I have been ok, doing 4.7 -5k runs 3 times a week. My last run was a speed pod cast and had no after effects, just a little bit tired/achy in both legs; thats no problem.

P.s. 1943 is my birth year.

Just go slow to complete the course then set new targets.


Good advice - I was in a hurry to complete the programme but I now realise that, like dogs, running isn’t just for Christmas so am happy to take it over a longer period and make sure the benefits are enduring.

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