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Post C25k apps, advice please!


I’ll be starting week 9 on Monday and want to make sure I keep going after I finish!

I’m going to miss the app, so am looking for a new one that does the following:

- gives me a halftime warning. I plan to keep running for 30 mins and working on my speed. I run for 15 mins then turn back home so need the reminder to turn around.

- tracks my distance. I want something a bit more accurate than the health app I have on my phone.

- easy to use.

- preferably free!


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If you like it, why stop using it? You can just keep running the week 9 session. So you continue to get the warm up reminder, you still get the half way bell and, you've still got your coach spurring you on.

There are loads of apps that accurately track your distance using GPS (most new-ish mobile have GPS built in) and you can run that in the back ground. So I can have my music on, the C25K app running and the sportactive app running (which also gives me km split times) all at the same time.

sallensonGraduate in reply to Julian1970

You are Mr Technology, my friend!! Wiv blutoof too :-)

Julian1970Graduate in reply to sallenson

I'm not really sall, more luck than judgement if anything. Tried lots of apps before I found the one I liked.

Hidden in reply to Julian1970

What he says! 🙄 I switched to the C25K+ podcasts which I love doing, but miss my music sooooo much. I use Strava instead ofsportactive and changed the announcements to 0.5K so get split pace times too. I'd recommend the Stepping Stones C25K+ straight after graduating as it is around the same time and starts you working on more consistent pace/cadence. 😊


There are three NHS Choices post-C25k programmes with Laura coaching but AFAIK they are still only available as podcasts, not as apps, so you can’t choose your own music.


I went ‘naked’ for a few runs, just because it was weird and I felt I needed to take charge and be a big girl. Now I use strava and sometimes have music, podcasts or just my own thoughts. I felt that consolidation needed more discipline from me. After a month I have finally done 5k and Parkrun. Now I am ready for building on it and some guidance so stepping stones and bridge to 10K should move me along. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies. It’s been a hectic week here but I have completed week 9! I think I’m going to try Strava and Stepping Stones. Although I love the current app I think I will find hearing the same comments again and again a bit annoying after a while (although I would know if I was behind/ahead of my usual pace).

Thanks for the advice!

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