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Picked as flat a route as I could tonight (is that cheating?) and managed to complete run without much drama. Again surprised by how my recovery time has come right down. Really encouraging...

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well done!! I try for flat routes too... don't think cheating!


I've considered taking a spirit level with me, just to make sure I don't end up on an incline. Don't mind running downhill though 🤗

I may move to Holland this week...

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I have mine tomorrow morning and I’m nervous about it, hoping to get a good nights sleep beforehand . Well done!!

Hope it goes well for you.... it’s just one foot in front of the other..

Completed my W5 R2 this evening as well, wasn’t too apprehensive before but wasn’t really looking forward to it either. Once the warm up was done and I was on my way, I found it pretty straight forward.

If you’re worried about it, just go for it, there’s an even longer run on W3 😁


I'm leaving hill training until after I'm comfortable with running 30 minutes - so that will probably be graduation week 9 + a couple more weeks. Flat is good! Good that your recovery time is improving! Good luck!

Flat is definitely good while you are getting yourself into the running habit. If you’re lucky enough to have a flat route then why not use it. I chose a fairly flat route when I did Week 5 run3 and it just gave me the confidence to know that I could complete the run.

Hills can come later... when you want to run longer distances perhaps (especially if,like me, you dislike doing laps... I think I hate laps more than I dislike hills 😂).


I've got my wk 5 run 2 tomorrow. I don't start my weeks every Monday, I just run every other day. The first 15mins or so of my run are up hill. Unless I drive somewhere I don't have a choice. I did think about driving for this week but I figured, if I've done it this way so far then if I can do this I can do anything . Though I'm not looking forward to run 3. Good luck

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