Well another in the can. As my route takes me past the surgery, Old folks home and the village cemetery and can honestly say that since I have been on the programme i am getting further away from each one as the runs progress. As Laura said this week is more mental an element of I can do this comes into play plus the support of the members of this forum. So on to W5r3 can't believe it has come round so fast.

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  • It's amazing how fast it goes, isn't it? Well done on your progress, I find it useful to have visual cues on increasing distance.

  • Wow... distancing yourself physically and mentally! I love it.:)

    Well done you, it is fantastic how quickly we begin to appreciate the benefits of this amazing programme!

    Check out ju-ju- ' s post on the unexpected benefits of running... it makes for great reading!

    Onward and upward, steady and slow... you are getting there:)

  • When I started this I found it quite amusing as my 5 minute walk put me by the Docs and the 60 seconds put me by the old folks home and finally 90 seconds later I was by the cemetery so if I had any dramas I was close to any help I needed.

  • Well done! You're doing great!! :)

  • Ha ha, running past em singing "one foot in the grave" 😊 Yep, this running lark will get you in the shape of your life. Just keep going steadily, stoically, slowly but surely to week 9

    Have fun ☺

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