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Hello Week 7 Run 1...

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So what a start to week 7.

I started off slow and I mean slow. It felt so humid that sweat was pouring off me. Not helped by pms either. Anyway usual wishing that the 1st 10 minutes would hurry up and pass.

Few minutes later and I had done my 1st lap. Still going had a nice few minutes but back to strong mental thoughts now.

Last 5 minutes and I'm saying to myself thay there's no way I'm going to reach the same point that I finished at on Wednesday. I've still got about half a lap to go. Oh I'm not having that. ( I can be competitive when need be).

I keep looking at the timer on the app and I've got about 2.5 minutes left. If I push myself I can make it.

So I dig deep and I mean deep. Somehow my legs start to stretch and I'm covering more ground. I feel my heartbeat increase and for a short space of time I actually look like a strong runner.

I past the post where I finished on Wednesday and I still have time to go. I actually make it about 100metres further than my last run in the 25 minutes so I'm happy about that.

3.45km on Wednesday and 3.58km today. I won't be able to run further on every run but considering how today's run started out... slow and I mean slow that I could've gone backwards... I didn't give up and ended on a high.

Happy running everyone.

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Brilliant- well done. I found that run really hard. I also did it on a very humid day - although I was in the gym. Good luck for R2! I'm due to do R3 on Sunday. Wld've gone today but I'm out tonight for my wedding anniversary (20 years) & as I always get a headache after running I thought I'd give it a miss. End of essay- sorry - went on a bit there. Well done again!

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Congratulations on your anniversary! He is a lucky fella! 🎊🎉❤️

Me and the missus are up to 14 years. 😀

in reply to _SimonT_

Ha ha! Thank u. TBH i’m surprised he’s put up with me for so long!

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Donna79 in reply to

Thank you.and a big congratulations on your Anniversary.x 😊

Congratulations Donna, that's brilliant! Now, you know it's not about speed, right? However, knowing you've achieved a personal best is always good for putting a smile on the face, I find! Well done for pushing through, I believe those little extra pushes can make a long term difference in improving our future performance. The finish line is in sight for you know.

I say finish line... I mean it's just another starting line in your running career, you know that, right? :P

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Wow, well done. You are going to do the final weeks just fine.

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BOOOOM!! As they say. Never doubted for a moment you'd nail that. Fingers crossed I'll do the same tomorrow..xx

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Well done Donna! Sounds like a good run overall! Definitely the way to do it - start slow and get faster

Well done on the pb! 👍🏻

Well done Donna! Humid can sap the energy right out of your legs, you did well to push past those negative thoughts. Just about to start week 8, I think I'll use your strategy and start slow....😁

Reality well done 👍🏻

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Well done donna ..Your doing fab ..I did my w7r3 this morning it was a killer ..Too hot ...I'm around your pace also ..Good luck in your runs 😊

Fabulous really well done x

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