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3 Runs to go to Graduation πŸŽ“

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Hi all

Completed W8 this morning, before it got too hot. I’m really enjoying my running at the moment- never thought I’d say that! This programme really has been life changing- I notice changes to my strength and stamina in all sorts of small ways. The hill to our house isn’t quite such a struggle; I can walk our very steep staircase without stopping; it was easier to get up off the grass after eating our picnic on Saturday 😊 And that’s without the positive impact on my sense of well-being!

So, Week 9 beckons. Bring it on!

Beth xx

8 Replies

Same here although I found W8 hard going I think a) heat and b) can’t wait to get onto W9. Generally feel much better all round!!! See you at the graduation!


Good luck with W9!


Well done - you’ve overtaken me, I’ve just done run 1 of week 8. Keep blazing that trail for the rest of us to follow.

BethMay in reply to 57jas60

It’s the destination that counts- not the route we take 😊I’ve been running every other day lately so have speeded up a bit but am away over the weekend so probably won’t graduate until the middle of next week. Good luck with the rest of week 8 xx


Well done Beth, the end is in sight! :)


Well done Beth. I too completed week 8 this morning. Looks like we will both be graduating together! See you on the podium soon. Enjoy week 9. X

Well done and snap 😊


Congratulations Beth.

It is a great achievement and I have no doubt you're going to graduate.

Three runs left.

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